How do you keep track of your Autodesk licences and ensure you have the appropriate quantity for the future?

As part of Autodesk's Transition to Named User initiative, subscriptions and maintenance plans with multi-user access will soon be retired and no longer renewable after 7th August 2021. Upon your first renewal date, Autodesk are offering a one time opportunity to exchange your multi-user/network licences for named (single) user licences on a 2-for-1 basis. But how do you know how many named user licences you will require at the point of exchange? Excitech can support you to make an informed decision by:


Monitoring and managing your current software use

Excitech can provide a clear picture of how your business utilises Autodesk licences, helping you determine your requirements.

Preventing you from paying for unnecessary licences

We'll help you identify high and low frequency users to ensure the optimal distribution of available licences within your company.


Analysing your future use

We'll tell you which applications and licences are registered with the Autodesk licence database and which licences have actually been used.

Example Scenarios

Let's say you have 50 multi-user/network licences, and our report findings suggest that 80 people in your company are using those licences. With the 2-for-1 offer, you will have sufficient licences to enable your current user requirement, protect future growth, or save money by exchanging for less licences. What if you currently have 50 multi-user network licences but need 100? With the offer to exchange your multi-user/network licences for named user licences, you'll get exactly the quantity you require. ‚ÄčIf you have 50 multi-user/network licences, but 150 users accessing the software on an ad-hoc basis, the offer will entitle you to 100 named user licences. Using the reports provided, our team will recommend the appropriate solution to accommodate your user requirements.

Next Steps...

So how can we help you get to the point of knowing how many multi-user/network licences you are currently using and how many named user licences you'll need to exchange them for?

Here's the steps we'll take with you:

  • Set up a start-up meeting
  • Install and configure our licence monitoring tool
  • Collect utilisation data from the Autodesk multi-user/network licence server(s)*
  • Monitor the licence usage of your network licences*
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations of the optimal number of named user licences

*Licence monitoring tool will be provided as part of the service and data will be collected over an agreed time frame.

Optional Additional Services

  • Software Audit - If required, we can also help you find out which software is deployed on which machines to help you remain compliant.
  • User Requirement Survey - If the report findings suggest that you will require more licences with the 2-for-1 offer, we can carry out a user requirement survey to understand each users’ workflows and recommend the most appropriate software licences with optimal distribution. 


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