Autodesk Revit Architecture Content Creation - Virtual Course

This is an "online" version of the Autodesk Revit Architecture Content Creation training course, delivered remotely over a number of individual half-day sessions. The objective of the course is to enable delegates who have worked with the software to expand their knowledge to create custom element types and families.


As this course is delivered via a web-link, those attending will need to have access to a workstation, connected to the internet, and with Revit installed. A twin screen setup and a headset with microphone is also highly recommended. Delegates considering this course should be familiar with the fundamentals of Autodesk Revit Architecture as taught in the Autodesk Revit Architecture Fundamentals course. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such as creating standard element, copying and moving elements, and creating and working with views, etc.


Session One
  • 09:30 Segment 1.1
  • Introduction and Overview to Family Creation (Presentation)
  • Starting a new Family (Presentation)
    • Categories (Guided Hands-on)
    • Hosting (Guided Hands-on)
    • Templates (Guided Hands-on)
  • Creating the Parametric Framework (Presentation)
    • Reference Planes (Guided Hands-on)
    • Adding Constraints (Guided Hands-on)
    • Family Parameters (Guided Hands-on)
  • 10:30
    • Break
  • 10:45 Segment 1.2
  • Modelling Family Elements (Presentation)
    • Creating Solid and Void Objects (Guided Hands-on)
    • Nested Families (Guided Hands-on)
  • 11:45
    • Break
  • 12:00 Segment 1.3
  • Visibility Display Settings (Presentation)
    • View Direction Controls (Guided Hands-on)
    • Detail Level Controls (Guided Hands-on)
  • Symbolic Details (Presentation)
    • Adding Symbolic 2D Details (Guided Hands-on)
  • End of Session Q&A and Review
  • 13:00
    • End of Session
Session Two
  • 9:30 Segment 2.1
    • Session 1 Recap
    • Creating Hosted Families (Presentation)
    • Creating a Door Family (Presentation)
      • Adding Reference Planes and Parameters (Guided Hands-on)
      • Modelling the Door Elements (Guided Hands-on)
      • Creating Symbolic Plan Detail (Guided Hands-on)
    • 10:30
      • Break
    • 10:45 Segment 2.2
    • Creating Family Types (Presentation)
      • Adding Types to a Family (Guided Hands-on)
      • Type and Instance Parameters (Guided Hands-on)
    • Working with Shared Parameters (Presentation)
      • Creating a Shared Parameter File (Guided Hands-on)
      • Creating New Parameters (Guided Hands-on)
      • Adding Shared Parameters to a Family (Guided Hands-on)
    • 11:45
      • Break
    • 12:00 Segment 2.3
    • Creating Annotation Families (Presentation)
      • Starting a Tag Family (Guided Hands-on)
      • Changing Category (Guided Hands-on)
      • Adding and Editing Labels (Guided Hands-on)
      • Adding Text (Guided Hands-on)
    • End of Session Q&A and Review
  • 13:00
    • End of Session

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23 Nov 2020 Online Paul Grimston 2021 Available £295.00 Register Interest

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Autodesk Revit Architecture Content Creation - Virtual Course

2 Sessions (23 - 24 Nov 2020)
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