CAD Support

Responsive and reliable support for your applications and users' issues

We’re at the end of the phone when you need us to help make sure your software problems are correctly diagnosed, contained, and resolved with minimum fuss and disruption.

Minimise downtime

When you make contact with Excitech our prime objective is to minimise downtime and loss of productivity for your business. We bring 30-years’ experience of swiftly removing ‘road blocks’ for our customers.

Levels of support

We offer two levels of CAD Support as summarised in the grid below: Standard and Premier. For our Pinnacle Series Clients, we also offer specific additional support.

Pinnacle Series support

For Pinnacle Series we provide technical support through live chat, email or telephone (Mon-Fri; 8am-6pm excluding public holidays). For details on Pinnacle Series, click here.

Standard CAD support Premium Support & Services

Unlimited calls to resolve problems.

Easier and faster access to Excitech services when unforeseen events arise.

What’s covered?
Support contracts covers issues of a technical nature including fault finding, plotting, licensing and general application interoperability

What’s covered?
Premium Support & Services offers help with incidents which fall outside of standard support eg installation, configuration, customisation, training and consultancy.

  • Rapid Response - Unlimited access to our dedicated support engineers to ensure that your staff are able to get help the moment they need it.
  • Access to Industry Experts - When queries become complex and require expert input, the wide-ranging expertise of our consulting team is tightly integrated to our support team, so we can offer the best possible advice.
  • Building Technical Partnerships - We pride ourselves in building close working partnerships with our customers which is reflected by the service provided through day-to-day engagements with our support teams.
  • Manage Risk - Ensure that you are covered for every eventuality across your production environment through rapid access to services that fill the gaps during unplanned stoppages or change requirements.
  • Reduce Costs - Take advantage of experts who will complement your team without shouldering the full-time cost. Utilise Premium Support Services where you have a skills gap or just do not have the resources available to react to an incident.
  • Build Agility - When deadlines are looming and you need an urgent resolution, pre-purchased Premium Support Services can be drawn down as on-site or remote resource quickly; cutting down requisitions and approval processes. 


Core CAD support

*  Onsite support only provided where an issue cannot be resolved over the phone or remotely.
** Dependent on remaining credit available on the account.