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The all new Excitech Toolkit for AutoCAD and Inventor

The Excitech Toolkit is intended to help users focus on their design and engineering challenges, and makes working with Autodesk Software fast, easy and efficient, by dramatically reducing the number of tedious tasks that have to carry out on a daily basis.

The Excitech Toolkit is offered free to Excitech’s Autodesk Subscription customers simply as a benefit of being a customer. It consists of tools developed by our in-house experts and provided by KobiLabs, an international CAD/BIM consulting and software development company, and supported by a full suite of tutorial videos available in a base version of Eagle Point Software’s leading e-learning platform, Pinnacle Series.

In issue 3 of the EI Magazine back in February 2019, we introduced the Excitech Toolkit for Revit and Civil 3D; Introducing: The all new Excitech Toolkit,  Following on from these well received toolkits, are the recently launched Toolkit for AutoCAD and Inventor which forms a suite of complimentary tools designed to enhance user experience, improve productivity and introduce new capabilities for users of Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor.

Excitech Toolkit for AutoCAD

“AutoCAD users will enjoy access to functionality that will speed up some of those cumbersome or time-consuming tasks. They will also benefit from tools that help with selection filtering, modifying spreadsheet properties, converting polylines, annotations and much more. The Excitech Toolkit for AutoCAD works seamlessly with our Toolkit for Civil 3D, providing an enormous amount of depth and content that will prove invaluable to our customers.”

Excitech Toolkit for AutoCAD IconsFeatured Tools:

•    Polyline Wipeout: Easily create a wipe-out element around polylines to improve visibility.

•    Sum of Text: Calculate the total sum of selected numeric text objects and then insert the result as a piece of text.

•    Create Viewport: Offers a quick way to create a viewport in model space, define margins, scale and even rotation, and then push it to any selected paper space.

•    Spreadsheet Properties: A powerful way to select, edit and even export object or entity property data using a spreadsheet style interface.

•    Legends: A fast and easy way to create block, hatch pattern and line-type Legends in your AutoCAD drawings.

Excitech Toolkit for Inventor

Developed by Excitech’s team of manufacturing experts, the Excitech Toolkit for Inventor is constantly updating and expanding based on feedback and requirements from users.  The toolkit enables increased control, productivity, and automation with Autodesk Inventor.

“Early users of the Excitech Toolkit for Inventor have reported increased control, productivity and benefits from automating routine tasks. Creating a centre of gravity point, saving pdf drawings to the server, extracting flat patterns from sheet metal assemblies, creating iLogic configured copies of models, are just a few of the huge time savers designers and engineers are using to free up time to focus more on tasks that require their knowledge.”

Excitech Toolkit for Inventor Icons
Featured Tools:

•    Export Image: Rapidly export a variety of high quality images from your project using a single dialogue that loads last used preferences. Clean screen, perspective, and shadows combined with visual styles options, background settings and file format make this a user favourite.

•    Colourise: A quick and easy way to add colour schemes (base, pastel, metallic) to individual parts or sub-assemblies to differentiate between them. 

•    Vault Workspace Check: For those using Vault, this tool produces a list of all files contained within the workspace folder that have not been uploaded to the Vault. Useful at staff or PC changeovers to make sure designs are not abandoned.

Benefits of using the Excitech Toolkit

•    Empowering tasks that are not possible with out-of-the-box Autodesk Software
•    Quick and easy exploration of various design possibilities
•    Immediate productivity
•    Savings on production costs
•    Increased project productivity
•    Streamlined everyday tasks
•    Improved workflow process
•    Rationalisation of add-ons with reduced cost of ownership
•    Reduction in the amount of tedious or repetitive tasks

To explore the Excitech Subscription Advantage offering please visit:

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