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Managing the information and data throughout a project

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Information is becoming increasingly important as BIM methodology allows digital data to be captured and re-used throughout the project lifecycle.

Client information requirements are now being integrated within managed BIM projects utilising tools such as COBie, or established links directly into specified CAFM systems. The requirement to manage such data effectively is key to achieving successful project handover.

Information will come from various sources on a project ranging from design, construction, all the way down to within the supply chain, which needs to be managed in order to meet client requirements.

The Information Manager role can sit with the lead designer, main contractor or the client, but the main purpose of the role is to ensure compliance, audit completeness and gathering of the data into a useable format.

The Information Manager role has five key requirements:

  1. Managing the Common Data Environment
  2. Project information management
  3. Collaborative working
  4. Information exchange
  5. Project team management 

As part of the government’s BIM strategy, the CIC BIM protocol has been drafted for use on all common construction contracts and supports BIM working at Level 2. 

The Service

Excitech offers an Information Management service protecting and de-risking the client and contractor in the delivery of information. 

Key areas of the service include:

  • Work closely with the BIM co-ordinator and BIM Manager throughout the project
  • Ensure delivery compliance with the EIR, AIR and BEP
  • Audit and offer guidance on the Asset Information Model (AIM)
  • Common Data Environment (CDE) structure and management
  • Agree the master information delivery plan (MIDP)
  • Advise of workflow to CAFM system (if specified)
  • Structure COBie if required
  • Agree information exchanges
  • Audit information and key work stages

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)

As part of BIM Level 2 and BS1192:4-2014 COBie is an industry common data platform established for collating maintenance and project information in a known and defined format. 

COBie is a useful platform for storing data if the client has an unknown or undefined requirement for facilities management but still requires information to be captured for the building management in the future.

As part of the Excitech ‘Information Manager’ service, support can also be provided to assist and guide the project team in the delivery of COBie. We will audit the data for compliance and advise on workflows into future CAFM systems.


Due to the varying levels of support and associated engagement, costs are based on scope of role, project duration and subsequent day rate which can be discussed in detail with your account manager.

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