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"We wanted to use Autotask to deploy 60 ArchiCAD installs. This would normally take between 10-30 minutes per workstation. However with the support and training we received from Jeremy Vessey at Excitech, we were able to complete this task in just a couple of hours. I am astonished by how quick and simple it was to complete."

Jonathan Burl - Concertus 

"We needed to virtualise our servers to help reduce hardware costs,  power consumption, improve energy efficiency, resilience and IT operational felixibility. I am extremely happy with Excitech's team. They are always very professional and helpful. It is reassuring to know that if anything goes wrong, Excitech will be there to help."

Costas Constantinou - Pascall + Watson 

"With help from Excitech, we're now in a strong place not just in terms of greater collaboration and productivity, but also in terms of the next phase of business growth. They helped us carry out a cache server configuration at our branch office which linked to our primary server in the UK, eliminating the need for branch office back-up." 

Tricon Food Service Consultants 

"We have complete confidence in Excitech that if we face an issue they will get us back up and running very quickly. It is also reassuring to have the same familiar faces coming to site. Excitech constantly monitor our most crucial infrastructure areas: server, backup solution, firewall, and anti-virus.”

ASME Engineering Ltd

"The solution offered met exactly what we needed; that's what swung it Excitech's way. They provided us with one complete IT infrastructure from beginning to end. From design to installation, helping us improve performance and productivity."

Kenji Matthews - Stephen George + Partners LLP

"We rely on Excitech to keep us informed of the bigger picture in technology. Their experience allows them to not only keep our business efficient, but to anticipate our requirements into the future."

Laura Mansel-Thomas - Ingleton Wood LLP

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