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3D model clash analysis and detection services

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The adoption of BIM within the UK construction industry is being driven by the need for greater efficiency and the requirement to reduce waste. 

Through the creation of a digital model, a virtual building can be developed and constructed allowing for conflicts to be identified up-front, saving considerable delay and expenditure e.g. clashes between MEP & Structural disciplines.

The Clash Manager role performs clash management activities on the project. Reporting to the BIM Manager, the Clash Manager will perform clash detection checking and reporting, including the aggregation of models into a single environment to provide clash analysis and feeding back comments into the design team. 

It’s the responsibility of the Clash Manager to maintain progress during the project stages and manage the quality of geometry being reviewed. The overall responsibility is normally covered by the Lead Designer during initial design stages, and then in most cases moved across to the Contractor during the build stage.

Models should be updated frequently on at least a 2-week interval, and BIM co-ordination meetings will be managed and hosted by the Clash Manager. During each session, the virtual environment will be reviewed, highlighted issues discussed / actioned and subsequent feedback provided to the responsible parties to resolve. 

Excitech offer a Clash Manager service providing assistance within the federation of the model into a single project information model (PIM) and run a managed clash detection process throughout the duration of the project. The PIM can either sit locally or be cloud hosted depending on project requirements. If hosted locally within, for example, Autodesk Navisworks, the clash matrix will initially be created and aligned to element search sets, so a structured process can be adopted and tolerancing factors determined.   

Key areas of the service include:

  • Host the BIM co-ordination meetings
  • Federate models of various file formats
  • Establish the project clash matrix
  • Agree the project clash tolerance
  • Deliver a clash report
  • Present project progress on a clash management dashboard
  • Work with the BIM Manager on model workflows from various supply chain partners
  • Distribute comments to the element owner


Due to the varying levels of support and associated engagement, costs are based on scope of role, project duration and subsequent day rate which can be discussed in detail with your account manager.

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