BIM Manager - Project Support

The BIM Manager can either work on group strategy or project delivery, but is a key role for success.

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The role of the BIM Manager is to provide subject matter expertise in relation to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

It also provides leadership within the adoption and implementation of the BIM process and integration of BIM software (use / methodology) into the daily routines of the organisation. The subsequent benefit results in a more collaborative, coordinated and efficient project delivery.

Specific focus is given to four key areas:

1. Technology

Technology underpins the BIM process, and each software platform works independently to specifically create the required deliverable it was designed for, e.g. 3D model, drawing, scheduling, reports etc. Data exchange and software interoperability is an important aspect of BIM utilising neutral formats such as the IFC file format or common data types such as COBie. The role provides support in determining the most appropriate technology for its core requirement as well as its ability to effectively communicate up and down stream in the most efficient manner. The BIM Manager will assist in getting the right technology in place to offer the best solutions for delivery.

2. Process

BIM allows for data to be shared and information re-used more effectively when compared to any previous methodology. But for this to function the BIM Manager needs to establish the necessary workflows and ensure they’re thoroughly tested before adoption. Many projects fail because of an inadequate process resulting in the loss of data when transitioning from one stage of a project to the next. 


3. People

This is one of the most challenging areas of BIM adoption as not many people like change. BIM not only changes the way we read our project information but how we produce it. If people do not engage then the BIM delivery will not function. The BIM Manager offers continual guidance, training and support with regards to the change that BIM adoption brings from both a technology and process perspective. 

4. Protocols

With BIM comes new protocols such as the BIM Execution Plan (BEP); this is a protocol that defines to the project team how the BIM process will be delivered to meet the Employers Information Requirements (EIR). The BIM Manager will ensure all protocols are in place and that they’re being maintained and followed.


The Service

There are two engagements available: Company BIM Management Strategy and Project BIM Management.

1. Company BIM Management Strategy

Excitech can support customers in the creation, development and integration of a BIM Level 2 companywide strategy. BIM accreditation can also form part of that overall strategy and the BIM Manager will be at the heart of the decision-making process and bring the implementation to fruition.

2. Project BIM Manager

The project ‘BIM Manager’ will have one aim in mind and that is managing the project, so it meets the requirements and deliverables required, for example:
  • Host BIM focused meetings 
  • Take a leading role in planning setup, implementation and deployment of all BIM processes and workflows
  • Manage the group and project strategy going forward
  • Keep aware of new technology to deliver BIM
  • Keep the project BIM Execution Plan (BEP) updated throughout the life of the project
  • Liaise with the client to ensure future aspirations are adhered to 
  • Confirm and approve project standards and protocols with the design team
  • Manage the required information deliverables within the design team
  • Manage and advise on the supply chain BIM and information delivery
  • Work with the Information Manager to ensure the requirements are fulfilled within the BIM environment for FM and O&M deliverables
  • Establish a data exchange procedure for the project across all stages – Design, Build and Manage
  • Ensure a multi-discipline model (MDM) & Project Information Model (PIM) meets all project requirements
  • Ensure all the required parameters on the project are maintained and signed off
  • Be the focal point for all site-based BIM and field BIM activity 
  • Work with the Document Controller for CDE management and compliance
  • Ensure BIM is delivered capturing the changes during construction and random visual inspections are carried out to check the model for handover validation
  • Ensure all stakeholders (internal and external) work to the agreed Project BIM Execution Plan
  • Facilitate / identify appropriate levels of staff training and support to comply with the project execution strategy
  • Ensure that necessary software and hardware are in place to support efficient delivery


Due to the varying levels of support and associated engagement, costs are based on scope of role, project duration and subsequent day rate which can be discussed in detail with your account manager.

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