Organisational Development

Recruit, retain, and develop the right skills for your business

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Excitech's approach to Organisational Development

Excitech’s approach helps you develop and share technical skills and knowledge across your organisation, understand and encourage individuals’ progression, measure their progress, and reduce recruitment and external training costs.

This strategy and the practices it delivers enables you to precisely address the needs of key individuals in relation to their critical design software skills, ensuring you have the right skills in your business to remain current and competitive.

Support Beyond the Classroom

For architects, engineers and construction specialists, investment in training and skills development can be huge and ongoing, especially given the pace of new developments and release schedules in software. Traditional classroom training courses, whilst a cornerstone of any learning development strategy, do not provide the ongoing support and learning re-enforcement many people need. Research shows that:

As a result, many people use software competently without ever exploiting its deeper functionalities fully. The impact of this learning erosion can be high as errors and lower quality outputs take their toll on the service you give to clients.
Equally, finding and retaining the right talent and skills in the first place can prove a time consuming and expensive process.

People first: Protect and nurture your talent asset

By bringing together a set of software packages, augmented as required by Excitech training services, you can now employ an integrated approach to the development of your people’s skills and talent.


Evaluate: Benchmark your teams’ skills against the industry to decide next training steps – either as courses or as personal learning paths – in an ordered, planned, and cost-effective way.  Test potential new recruits to establish the depth of their skills and software knowledge.

Train:  We can tailor training courses to meet your organisation’s specific needs or provide any off-the-shelf course from a portfolio of over 100 courses, delivered by our experienced application specialists. 

Embed: Through e-learning processes and software, everyone can focus on areas that require attention or need a refresh. People can see their progress through individual learning paths and measure their progress as they go. Individual tests enable people to find out what they know and identify where their gaps are. 

Our approach allows you to bring training and personal improvement simply and cost-effectively into daily operations; making it almost ‘second nature’ for people to keep on top of the knowledge they need without negative impacts on schedules or workloads.
We provide two key pieces of technology to support this:

By adopting our approach to Organisational Development, you’ll be able to:
  • Identify who needs what type of training, and when
  • Support your teams to embed the knowledge they have learnt on training courses with access to instructional content when they need it
  • Understand and encourage individuals’ progression by measuring progress and identifying specific knowledge gaps
  • Provide easy access to online CPD-certified training
  • Reduce recruitment and external training costs by offering personalised learning paths to your existing teams and accurately assessing the ability of new recruits
  • Share and retain technical skills and knowledge across your organisation, to enrich the business and cover all client requirements
  • Develop bespoke content not just around professional software capabilities but also company inductions and other procedures, such as company or project standards, Health and Safety, fire exit measures
  • Ensure rapid on-boarding of new staff


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