IT Solutions

Solutions which give you the means to collaborate internally and externally; ensuring business continuity, and benefit from automation.

As the pace of technology development in the AEC and manufacturing industries continues to accelerate, the challenges continue to multiply.  All organisations contend with the same issues – vast file sizes, bandwidth concerns, back-up procedures, inter-office communication, collaboration and file-sharing to name a few. 

We offer solutions to help with:

Business Continuity

Gain peace of mind and keep operational disruption to a minimum. Excitech provides solutions to make sure your files are continuously backed up, with data replicated off-site, ensuring business continuity and rapid disaster recovery.



We can help you get distributed project teams working as one by minimising the impact of latency across the wide area network. We offer a range of solutions which are software-based or hardware-based.

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Infrastructure Refresh

A thorough look at how well your systems and hardware are being used can uncover opportunities within your technology estate. We can help you decide whether they are over-specified for the task, could be better integrated for heightened capabilities, or are simply nearing end-of-warranty or relevance.

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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or HCI, provides a major shift for corporate backend technology, emerging to meet new challenges and business needs. 

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)


VDI is the virtualisation of a user's desktop on a centralised server instead of using resources via a device like a laptop, PC or workstation. VDI still requires a user to have a device to access the virtualised desktop operating system, but the workloads remain on the centralised server.

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