Infrastructure Refresh

A smartly-timed IT infrastructure refresh is not about waiting until systems fail or machines slow-down; it’s about planning for future business growth and being ready for new challenges.

AEC organisations can often become more efficient, increase their productivity and save costs in IT areas they thought were running well.

A thorough look at how well your systems and hardware are being used can uncover opportunities within your technology estate.  We can help you decide whether they are over-specified for the task, could be better integrated for heightened capabilities, or are simply nearing end-of-warranty and end of relevance to today’s challenges.

Excitech can help you continually update your product portfolio with new technologies and train staff accordingly. We are partners with all of the major hardware and software vendors.

IT Infrastructure Refresh Solution Sheet

Operational efficiencies

Our approach covers the creation, storage, and sharing of often BIM-rich models, complex workloads, stringent network capacity requirements, and robust and reliable back-up. Our infrastructure refresh services are designed to help you:

  • Increase organisational agility: scale up or down without the burden of fixed physical computing assets
  • Overcome operating system limitations: by virtualising computers, systems, storage devices, applications, or networks
  • Improve remote working potential
  • Simplify maintenance via centralisation
  • Streamline the deployment process, saving time and ensuring consistency

Case Study

Excitech creates new server and network infrastructure for Pascall+Watson Architects
Day-to-day operations were being slowed down by the limited capacity and speed issues, together with inconsistent back-up reliability, of an ageing infrastructure.
Excitech Solution: Virtualisation of servers to reduce server estate; requiring less space, power and cooling, and a more flexible deployment of computing resources such as processing power, RAM and disk space.

Enhancing the BIM process

Server virtualisation supported the customer’s adoption of BIM and associated applications. The solution eliminates the need for a dedicated server for collaborative BIM applications such as electronic document management and model sharing for remote offices, and enables the company to deliver an enriched product to its clients, with a far more cost-effective infrastructure.