Business Continuity

Gain peace of mind and keep operational disruption to a minimum. Excitech provides solutions to make sure your files are continuously backed up, with data replicated off-site, ensuring business continuity and rapid disaster recovery.

Ready for any eventuality

Have you asked yourself the critical ‘what if’ question. ‘What if our systems went down; what would you do?’’ Any contemplation of the business downside could show that hours, days, weeks of work could be lost. Clients could be alienated and reputation could be harmed.

An informed view of business continuity shows that it’s all about planning for any scenario – ensuring that the possibility of downtime becomes no more damaging than the mere inconvenience of a brief pause in everyday business.

Excitech can help any size of business avoid potential system or network failures.

Keeping you in control

Our services include proactive monitoring, test backup restores and scheduled controlled disaster recovery.  We can ensure that your data or service is recoverable in line with your specified Recovery Point Objective. Our business continuity services are designed to help you:

  • Deliver Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective in line with Disaster Recovery strategies
  • Ensure 99.9% availability where possible
  • Back-up valuable data off-site
  • Protect and replicate virtual machines
  • Restore normal business operations through full and partial failback
  • Continuously monitor the health of your systems and network
  • Perform scheduled data restores and controlled system failovers

Case Study

Excitech provides and commissions virtualised server configuration to improve resilience and reliability for Pryce & Myers. A single server running on old hardware was becoming increasingly unreliable, causing daily concerns around the resilience of the company’s email system and file servers.

Excitech solution: An audit across the IT estate to locate root causes of system issues; Excitech recommended server virtualisation, SAN storage, and email software update for improved functionality and future-proofing. Through server virtualisation and shared SAN storage, the IT infrastructure is now resilient, robust, and flexible. The more resilient infrastructure supports all workloads and not just email, providing peace of mind that the infrastructure is up to the job and there are no longer any weak areas.