IT Services

From an initial 'health-check' to a brand-new infrastructure, our IT services support the entire lifecycle of your IT estate.

Every business depends on systems and equipment that perform without hitch or hindrance. These two demons can occur all too frequently in the world of technology. The smarter your IT becomes, the smarter the ways that hackers find to get into it become. 

Excitech provide IT services focused on the key priorities any business has. Our consultants can identify the present and future IT needs of your business, guide you in building a strategic roadmap to drive greater operational efficiencies, and present vendor-agnostic best path hardware and systems recommendations.


Cyber Essentials Certification


If you wish to bid for government contracts, you’ll need Cyber Essentials Certification, a government-endorsed certification scheme.

Excitech are a certified body of the Cyber Essentials scheme, able to verify and assess your cyber security systems to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme. This includes implementing key controls that can prevent a large majority of cyber hacks and attacks.

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Migration and Implementation

We’ll make sure your business doesn’t have to go ‘on hold’ each time you upgrade your IT environment. Our engineers bring their expertise from daily involvement in the AEC environment and know how valuable time is to your business. 

We undertake proof of concept pre-migration testing and complete testing of your new IT environment so you’ll be up and running quickly and smoothly.

Project Management

We are never prepared to handover your new solution to you until we are 100% happy that you are 100% happy.

To do so, we'll provide you with continuous contact through a central point from start to finish, fast resolution to any "teething" problems and ensure staff adoption and familiarisation. 

IT Audit


The Excitech IT Audit provides a detailed and honest report of your IT estate; relevant information and guidance with a focus on strengths and weaknesses. 

Our intention is to put you in a stable and secure position; knowing that your business is running efficiently and you’re prepared and agile to respond to future challenges and opportunities.

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Excitech engineers can either install at your location with minimal disruption to your business, or preconfigure to your precise needs prior to delivery so you can just unbox when it arrives with the reassurance of expert set-up.

Solution Design


We bring deep industry experience to bear in designing solutions for your business. We can create bespoke solutions tailored specifically for your business to empower your users to make the best use of their talents and drive daily continuous improvement.