IT Services

We provide everything your business needs to drive operational excellence; all delivered by engineers and consultants with personal backgrounds in the construction sector

You need your systems and equipment to work hard and work consistently; supporting your core business efficiently: this depends on careful orchestration across servers, back-up, disaster recovery, networking and workstation performance; an IT estate that reflects and enhances your business’s operational requirements.

Tailored services

Excitech’s engineers bring best practice insights to help address your needs. Our services support the entire lifecycle of your IT estate. For 30 years we’ve been supporting the AEC industry, its CAD software needs and its IT infrastructures. Today, we offer IT solutions, services and support, together with a range of design software services, from consultancy to customisation. We understand the AEC industry workflows, how the supply chain collaborates and how information is shared at every stage from design to construction and operation.

We provide everything your business needs to drive operational excellence; all delivered by engineers and consultants with personal backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Excitech IT Services provide architects, engineers and construction
professionals with everything you need to get the most appropriate systems
and hardware designed, configured and put in place to keep you in
control and in front. View our services brochure here.

Solution Design

For over three decades we’ve been working with and learning from the AEC sector. We’ve seen many areas of similarity in how organisations operate and optimise their technology. We’ve also seen many areas of difference in how firms create competitive advantage.

We bring deep industry experience to bear in designing solutions for your business. We use proven best practices in an approach that expresses the core skills of your business. Our solutions empower your users to make the best use of their talents and drive daily continuous improvement.

  • Identify present and future IT needs of your business
  • Formulate strategic roadmap to drive greater operational efficiencies
  • Present vendor-agnostic hardware and systems recommendations
  • The confidence of knowing that your infrastructure has been designed for your business, and its future

Migration and Implementation

We’ll make sure your business doesn’t have to go ‘on hold’ each time you upgrade your IT environment. Our engineers bring two key things to the task of implementing new technology: their expertise from daily involvement in the AEC environment; they also know how valuable time is to your business so they get the job done quickly.

We undertake proof of concept pre-migration testing and complete testing of your new IT environment so you’ll be up and running quickly and smoothly.

Onsite and Remote Installation

On-Site Installation

  • Our engineers will install at your location
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Reassurance of expert set-up

Remote Installation

  • Standard hardware with customisation as specified
  • Equipment preconfigured to your precise needs prior to delivery
  • Just unbox when it arrives and you’re ready to go

Project Management

We appreciate the importance of rapid user familiarity and adoption.

We are never prepared to handover your new solution to you until we are 100% happy that you are 100% happy.

It’s a simple rule that works for all our customers: the Excitech promise of delivering complete confidence with every technology step you take with us.

Our Project Management includes:

  • Continuous contact through a central point from start to finish
  • Fast resolution to any ‘teething’ problems
  • Ensuring staff adoption and familiarisation

Managed Services

You can take advantage of any Excitech services on a standalone basis. When you feel the time is right for any service aspect or technology upgrade, we’ll be there to help.

Alternatively, you can opt for a managed services arrangement where you engage us as your strategic IT partner. We find that this option resolves many issues for firms that do not have dedicated in-house IT staff.

Excitech takes care of all your hardware and software requirements and provides many other benefits such as scheduled maintenance, and network monitoring, to give you round the clock peace of mind.

We are a certified body of the Cyber Essentials scheme meaning we are well placed to independently verify and assess your cyber security systems to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme. This includes implementing key controls that can prevent a large majority of cyber hacks and attacks.

Download our leaflet for more information on what the scheme involves, how it can benefit your business and pricing. 

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