From creating and optimising your infrastructure, to providing business continuity and collaboration solutions, through to operational support as needed

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One location for all your IT needs

From our 30 years working with Autodesk and design software for the construction sector, we offer a unique perspective on the demands these applications place on your IT infrastructure and work with a number of partners to provide you with the solutions required to optimise your business efficiency.

Across the entire IT portfolio we offer expertise that ranges from system design and configuration to securing the backbone and continuity of your systems. In addition to supplying leading hardware and solutions across the entire IT ecosystem, our services include orchestrating servers, back-up, disaster recovery, networking, driving collaboration between teams and workstation performance. We also deliver peace of mind with our ongoing support services.

IT Services

We provide everything your business needs to drive operational excellence; all delivered by engineers and consultants with personal backgrounds in the construction sector


IT Supply

Maximise the value of your IT estate and simplify decisions; from ‘out of the box’ solutions to tailored configurations.


IT Support

From workstations to network, server to security, across diverse locations as required.


IT Solutions

Business continuity, collaboration, infrastructure refresh; delivered by consultants with direct industry experience and a unique focus on the construction sector.


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