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Document Management

Our DMS solutions enable you to keep all your information secure, accessible and, if applicable, BIM-compliant

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The Value of Document Management

With data and information being at the centre of any architectural, engineering or construction project, it is vital that it is managed efficiently. A reliable document and drawing management system is the key to increasing efficiencies in your business, improving the quality of your document output, and mitigating the risk of costly errors in your projects.

Our diverse range of document management solutions enable you to move from unstructured systems and track, manage, and store documents in multiple formats through a single version of the truth.

Our Solutions

Excitech DOCS is a robust Document and Drawing Management Solution specifically tailored for AEC Design Professionals.    BlueCielo's Meridian is a versatile Engineering Document Management Solution built primarily for Owner Operators.   Mail Manager is a scalable Email Management Solution made for collaboration.
Key Features:   Key Features:   Key Features:
  • Unique & powerful integration with AutoCAD & Revit

  • Out-of-the-box functionality, yet adaptable to meet your business needs

  • Automatically updates transmittals, X-refs, revisions, title blocks and more

  • Provides control over the quality of your documents by complying with your company or industry standards (ISO, BIM etc)

  • Manages references, revisions and title blocks

  • Includes workflows and approvals

  • Provides access to the right information at the right time 

  • Protects your valuable data in a secure environment

  • Reduces the time and complexity of filing and searching for emails and attachments

  • Gives peace of mind that all your important data is safe

  • Ensures that emails can be found by you and your team in one central place

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Unsure of which document management solution will be most beneficial for your business? Let us help you decide.

We have many years’ experience with a range of Document Management Solutions for the architectural, enginnering and construction industry, and a proven track record in implementing these solutions for organisations both small and large.

We have a team of consultants who will work with you to identify your business goals (whether that involves working towards BIM Level 2 Certification etc) and any inefficiencies with your current processes, to suggest the solution best-suited to benefit your business. 

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