Evaluate and optimise energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption and costs.

It’s important to every business to find ways of reducing its carbon footprint. Regulators expect you to do it and the public knows if you don’t.

Excitech’s CAFM solutions help you gain ongoing awareness of how the business consumes energy and take a proactive role in reducing its consumption levels. The combination of cost control – consume less energy, pay less – and avoidance of negative perceptions among stakeholders is a compelling enough motivation to do more to make sure your organisation consumes less.

  • Prioritise environmental sustainability assessments and energy audits
    Measure performance indicators and mitigate risk by establishing proactive sustainability processes to improve operational efficiencies, enhance stakeholder work environments, and increase asset value. You will be able to identify which assets should be repaired, renovated or replaced to achieve environmental efficiency goals or support an existing BREEAM® rating programme.
  • Meet your environmental obligations
    You’re expected to meet regulatory requirements fully and in a timely manner. To streamline this process Excitech helps you add intelligence to your buildings, by using technology designed to facilitate compliance with internal or external reporting requirements.
  • Manage waste
    Track and manage waste streams to minimise health and regulatory risk. When you’re in control, you’ll be able to decrease the risk of fines or litigation surrounding hazardous waste storage and disposal procedures.