Space and Asset Management

Support constantly changing workplace strategies and departmental demands for space.

Excitech’s CAFM solutions provide web-based space management software to help facilities managers view and adjust space. With the right space management software in place can improve your space management, reporting and utilisation of space, and reduce overall costs per person.

Processes are put in place to evaluate all requests according to consistent policy and corporate strategy. Users can access self-service request forms for submitting department claims and releases of space, individual moves, or group moves within the space management software. Requests create workspace transactions that become part of space-related history and trends.

  • Streamline your enterprise move management processes
    Deliver visibility for lines of business heads; driving greater accountability, timelier and more accurate cost recovery, while providing an informed approach to space utilisation across the organisation.
  • Evaluate space inventory and plan space usage
    A unified view of information across the estate  with the help of your space management software enables you to bring down total occupancy costs, optimise rates, and adopt an informed approach to future expansion, consolidation, or re-balancing.
  • Increase space accountability and reduce occupancy costs
    With up-to-date views of who’s where, when and for how long you can control the chargeback process and gain reliable insights into departmental cost reporting for greater accountability on dedicated and common area space costs.
  • Simplify strategic space planning and forecasting
    Optimise space planning and forecasting to produce reviews of all your options from portfolio, to city, site/campus, and down to building and room levels.

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