Property Management

Drive proactive decision making with unified management reporting on portfolio performance.

Actionable information

Facilities Managers can’t work in isolation. To make a positive and strategic input to portfolio planning you need to deliver actionable data to key stakeholders.

Excitech’s CAFM solutions help you make sure that you gather the information correctly and use it in a way that provides actionable insights to the business.

  • Provide a total view of operations
    You’ll be able to make sure that portfolio decisions are supported by good data; the means of collection and presentation of which you should agree with stakeholders is as user-friendly as possible; there is no substitute for clarity of understanding.
  • Offer best practice management of critical data elements
    Comprehensive systems will enable you to track and analyse the portfolio so that you bring up-to-date information to the decision making process. You’ll accelerate decisions by being ready to provide multiple perspectives on portfolio performance.
  • Control costs
    Left to their own devices, costs can get out of control. Cost administration is best when centralised to give a total view of events, commitments and, key from a cash-flow perspective, the timings when they fall due.
  • Prioritise your lease administration arrangements
    By centralising and automating your lease administration processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and avoid penalties, you will also gain continuous visibility and control.

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