Deliver more effective maintenance through improved building operations.

The end of playing catch-up

Excitech CAFM solutions deliver efficiencies in planned and reactive maintenance that save you time, reduce costs and minimise the risks previously associated with outmoded manual approaches. Centralised lifecycle management and tracking gives you a view of where performance is below expectations and helps you avoid unnecessary deterioration.

Better and faster service provision

Increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs by encouraging self-service; aiding your customers by taking the manual effort and margin for error out of scheduling, dispatching, managing, and reporting maintenance tasks.

  • Embrace automation
    Streamlining the preventive maintenance process gives you greater control over costs, enables you to make more productive use of your time usage, and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Gain greater budgetary control
    Once you look at streamlining and automating the preventive maintenance process you’ll find it’s far easier to proactively maintain critical assets, minimising downtime and repair expense.
  • Track asset use
    We can help you adopt automated processes that give you the full visibility, an integrated set of reports and dashboards across all assets, at any point in time to give you a firm basis of what needs to happen next.
  • Track and effectively manage deferred maintenance liabilities
    Mitigate risk by incorporating ongoing actions in your overall schedule. You can mitigate risk by prioritising problems for correction, based on objective measures and organisational needs.