Capital Projects

Effectively track the capital budget to reduce risk of poorly resourced projects.

Excitech’s CAFM solutions enable you to reuse space, equipment and systems information that may already be maintained in the centralised system repository. Integrate seamlessly with supported mobile devices to enable cost-effective inspections and reporting and present easily compiled, complete, and condition assessment findings to justify funding.

To create an audit trail, if one is ever needed, Excitech offers CAFM solutions that provide clear records, dashboards and even concise graphics to clarify who did what, when and why.

Better project control

It’s preferable to minimise the risk of project failure by utilising robust planning and scheduling tools at the outset. Excitech CAFM solutions drive efficiencies from start to finish across the capital project process; enhancing communication and control for all parties.

  • Identify and correct design/build issues prior to occupancy
    Our solutions enable you to streamline the process of verifying that a facility and its systems meet the as-designed specifications and owner requirements
  • Manage projects across multiple sites
    Seeing everything from one vantage point provides essential management insights and drives consistent approaches across the project. The web-based self-service capabilities give stakeholders up to date project status and support decision making for management teams.
  • Integrate end-to-end planning
    Separate practices such as condition assessment and building operations information can all be brought together and linked for effective planning capabilities, easier views, and more productive use of time.
  • Investigate all possible scenarios
    Using “out-of-the-box” workflows you can improve capital planning processes using “what-if” scenarios. For example, capital budgeting forms may be used alone, or you can add project-level and task-level detail, and have the results roll up to the top-level budget.