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Pinnacle Series: improve your learning methods and enhance information sharing

Autodesk adoption, training, and support system

Excitech can introduce you to the benefits of Pinnacle Series that will revolutionise how your people work. It will empower them to be more self-sufficient when seeking answers to any Autodesk application issues from the simplest to the most advanced and complex.

Once you start working with Pinnacle Series, it will become a repository of knowledge for your corporate processes and standards – all the information you have ever acquired, there in one place, through one easy interface.

Learning through Pinnacle Series is also accredited for Continuous Professional Development.

Learning, insights, and reference

Pinnacle Series helps your staff get more productive in the way they use Autodesk software by providing easy-to-follow workflows. It connects users to a wide range of resources and you can even load your own information onto the Pinnacle Series platform; such as in-house procedures and manuals and other information. What’s more this is not limited to the design function or software usage, any of your processes can be added such as HR procedures or your Health and Safety policies.

Benefits of Pinnacle Series

  • Best practice in Autodesk software and its workflows
  • Create your own custom content
  • 24/7 on-demand multi-platform (cloud-based)
  • Just-in-time training and learning
  • Structured learning paths for intuitive understanding
  • CPD accreditation
  • Excitech technical support through live chat, email or telephone (Mon-Fri; 8am-6pm)

Five Content Options

The content available through Pinnacle Series is packaged into the following versions, by industry:
  • Building Design
    Gain insight into how your business can deliver work to your clients more efficiently by adopting best practices for current BIM technology. Designed for architects.
  • Civil Infrastructure
    Improve your workflows and better utilise technology to deliver comprehensive model-based civil, structural and utility design.  Designed for civil engineers.
  • Building Design & Civil Infrastructure
    The first two options combined in one platform.
  • Product Design
    For use with Autodesk Inventor. Designed for manufacturers.
  • Platform only
    Pinnacle Series can also be purchased as a platform for companies wanting to populate the system with their own internal best practices and workflows.

Watch our overview webinar to see the software in action. >>>>


Analysing your employees' skills

To compliment and support the learning journey, we have also partnered with KnowledgeSmart, the leading online skills gap analysis and testing tool. Specifically designed to benchmark services to help AEC firms maximise their return on investment in technology, people and client services.

As a mature cloud-based service provider, KnowledgeSmart is the only online subscription offering that analyses and benchmarks construction industry software-user skills to help businesses create new efficiencies and develop competitive advantage to win more work and increase profit margins.

How KnowledgeSmart works for your business

KnowledgeSmart develops online skills assessment and survey tools which help businesses capture knowledge on a wide range of software tools, work flows and standards.

KnowledgeSmart is easy to administer and use, and includes automated marking with helpful user feedback and coaching notes to deliver actionable training needs analysis with configurable links to eLearning resources and training courses. KnowledgeSmart customers have full editorial control over all existing library material and can also write their own custom questions.

Learn more here