Woodwork for Inventor Fundamentals

Woodwork for Inventor is an add-on for Autodesk Inventor (2015 and above) which turns Inventor into a work environment for computer-aided design of furniture and other wooden products. Woodwork for Inventor enables constructors to work more efficiently and accurately, and helps reduce errors. It allows more time for creative work by automating the digital information preparation required prior to manufacturing. The course is written around Autodesk Inventor 2019 with V10 Woodwork for Inventor and focuses on the design functionality workflow. An introduction to CAM technology will also be shown.


Those considering this course are advised to have completed as a minimum the Autodesk Inventor Certified User Part 1 training syllabus or be familiar with using Autodesk Inventor software for a minimum of one month before attending this course.


Day One
  • Getting Started
  • Interface
  • Overview Workflow
  • Skeleton Dress Up
    • Dress Up
    • Panels
    • Converting Bodies
    • Visibility
  • Materials
    • Fill Materials
    • Cover Materials
    • Edge Veneer and Banding
    • Setting Grain
    • Oversize Materials
    • Material refresh
  • Creating Joints
    • Attach
    • iMatch
    • Sculpt
  • Visibility Control
    • Components
    • Nodes
Day Two
  • Adding Hardware
    • Example iparts
    • Hinges and Handles
    • Changing Hardware Configuration
  • Reporting
    • Bill of Materials
    • Excel Exporting
    • Templates
    • Merging
    • BOM Specification
    • Replace Specification
  • Autoplot
    • Component Output
    • Assembly Output
    • Hole Tables
    • Export Options
    • Autoplot Rules
  • Design Settings
    • BOM
    • Workspace Naming
    • Creating Additional Materials
  • Assembly Copier
    • Duplicating Master Assembly

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Woodwork for Inventor Fundamentals

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