ISO 19650 Interactive Workshop - from Theory to Practice

The release of ISO 19650 is a significant step forward for the Construction industry. High quality information management is at the heart of the transformation which is so desperately required and this workshop aims to give delegates the practical experience and skills necessary in order to start applying international best practice on new projects.

This one-day workshop will span the gap between theory and practice, giving delegates exposure to real world applications of ISO 19650. Across the day, a number of breakout sessions will run where different scenarios and situations will be explored and walked through – the aim being to close the gap and give delegates the confidence to apply the ISO within their own organisations.

So, if you have listened to the theory but feel you need further support before you can lead your organisation or project around the ISO then this workshop is for you. It’s all about practical skills, helping early adopters take advantage of their interest in, and commitment to, world class information management.

Our principal consultant, Daryn Fitz, will be moderating and delivering this training workshop aimed at organisations and individuals responsible for: implementing BIM strategy, managing the change from PAS 1192 to ISO 19650 and/or implementing ISO 19650 at a practical level.

Register Here   London - 30th Sep 2020, One Great George Street 


No specific requirements.


  • An Introduction to ISO 19650
  • Comparison between PAS 1192 and ISO 19650
  • Change Management Break-out Workshop (how do you make the transition?)
  • A Step by Step Walkthrough of ISO 19650 (Part 1)
  • Assignment of Roles Break-out Workshop (What are your roles, an evaluation)
  • A Step by Step Walkthrough of ISO 19650 (Part 2)
  • Risk Management Break-out Workshop (how to manage risk)
  • BIM Level 2 Delivery Break-out (Part Gap process)
  • Mobilisation Planning Break-out Workshop (your mobilisation plan)
  • Summary

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ISO 19650 Interactive Workshop - from Theory to Practice

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