Dynamo Fundamentals for Autodesk Civil 3D

This course, which is aimed at those new to Dynamo, will provide delegates with a basic understanding of the practical use of Dynamo when used with Autodesk Civil 3D. The course will use practical examples of computational geometry as well as data extraction and manipulation.


Delegates should have a reasonable knowledge of Civil 3D and be familiar with basic Civil 3D objects, such as surfaces, alignments, profiles, assemblies, corridors and COGO Points.


  • Introduction to Dynamo
    • The Dynamo Interface
    • Nodes, Inputs and Outputs
    • Managing and Loading Packages
    • Hello World Exercise
  • Working with Lists
    • Understanding Lists
    • Sorting Data with Lists
    • Dictionaries
  • Importing / Exporting to Excel
  • Connecting Dynamo to AutoCAD
    • Inserting Dynamo geometry in AutoCAD
    • Inserting an AutoCAD block
  • Connecting Dynamo to Civil 3D
    • Referencing Alignments and Profiles
    • Extracting codes from a corridor
    • Referencing Surfaces
    • Creating COGO points
  • Dynamo Player
  • Introduction to DesignScript

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Dynamo Fundamentals for Autodesk Civil 3D

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