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AutoCAD, CAD Management

In order to set up the AutoCAD environment, delegates learn the metrics of various licensing mechanisms and the basics of how to control AutoCAD using centralised network techniques. To customise and standardise their installation, students are taught how to manage support, driver, CUI, help, printer, configuration, profile, template, tool palette, temporary, and standards files. To facilitate the ongoing data management concerns, students are given ideas on XREF, block, and standards file management.

"I thought the AutoCAD teacher was really good, he explained everything really well which I took notes from. I enjoyed the course and learnt valuable information which I can take into developing myself within my job role." - Brandon B.


It is recommended that the candidate have a working knowledge of:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Network fundamentals including creation of mapped drives
  • The current or a previous release of AutoCAD
  • Basic AutoCAD configuration including software installation, configuration, and use of profiles
  • Basic menu/CUI customisation
  • Basic tool palette construction and usage
  • Basic sheet set usage
  • Basic configuration of printing and plotting devices
  • Basic use of adjunct file types like templates, standards, blocks, and support files.


  • The CAD Management Mission
    • About Job Parameters
    • Applying Standardisation Metrics
  • Installation Topology
    • Identifying System Topology
    • Understanding Licensing Types
  • Optimising the Installation
    • Network Techniques Overview
    • Configuration Files
    • Temporary Files
    • Profile Management
  • Customising the Installation
    • Customisation File Management
    • Creating Custom Tool Palettes
    • Managing and Sharing Tool Palettes
    • Managing Tool Palettes
    • Creating Sheet Sets
    • Working with Sheet Sets
    • Setting Sheet Set Properties
    • Using Fields in Sheet Sets
    • Using Attributes in Sheet Sets
    • Archiving Sheet Sets
  • Standardising the Installation
    • Managing Support Files
    • Managing Driver Files
    • Plotter Files
    • Using Drawing Templates
    • Managing Template Files
    • Working with Standards Files
    • Batch Standards Checking
    • Using Standards Files
    • Managing Help and Documentation Files
  • File Library Management
    • Managing XREF and Block Files
    • Managing Standards Files
  • Tools and Resources
    • Additional Tools

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AutoCAD, CAD Management

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