Inventor Nastran Essentials

Inventor Nastran is a general-purpose finite element analysis (FEA) tool that allows a wide variety of simulation types to be performed directly inside Autodesk Inventor. This course provides an ideal introduction to the software, as it contains examples of many different analyses, provides an overview of FEA concepts and setup, and covers common process for troubleshooting errors during solving. This course is an ideal prerequisite to a more focused workshop covering specific or more advanced analysis requirements.

The course covers the following type of analysis:

  • Linear static
  • Non-linear static
  • Thermal
  • Buckling
  • Modal analysis
  • Modal frequency response
  • Dynamic fatigue
  • Non-linear transient analysis (impact)


This course assumes familiarity with Windows operating systems, and some knowledge with Autodesk Inventor modelling, as Nastran is accessed directly inside Inventor.
Any previous experience with finite element analysis, such as Inventor Professional FEA, Ansys, etc. is advantageous, but not essential.


Day One
  • FEA basics
  • The Inventor Nastran interface
  • Inventor Nastran capabilities
  • Simple explanation of the main analysis types
  • Linear vs non-linear – explanation
  • Idealisations and element types
  • Mixed mesh types
  • Loads
  • Materials – basic and intermediate (non-linear) options
  • Geometry – working with different kinds
  • Boundary conditions – best practice
  • Making loads and boundary conditions more realistic
  • Comparison - Inventor Nastran & hand calculation
Day Two
  • Connectors – explanation of different types
    • Bolt connectors
    • Rigid connectors
  • Mesh settings– basic and advanced
  • Mesh control
  • Handling symmetry
  • Surface contacts
    • Automatic
    • Manual
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Results
    • Sections
    • Visibilities
    • Probes
    • Animations – single and multi-set
    • Explanation of options
    • Reaction force summations
    • Reports
  • Sharing Nastran Files

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Inventor Nastran Essentials

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