Autodesk Inventor, Tube and Pipe Design

This Autodesk Inventor Tube and Pipe Design Training Course will teach delegates how to use the Autodesk Inventor Tube and Pipe environment. The course uses a hands-on, practice-intensive curriculum where delegates acquire the knowledge needed to design routed elements, including tubing, piping, and flexible hose.

"I knew most of the course material so it was more of a refresh for me but it was a good experience and I do feel like I've learnt a thing or two." - Jenna B.


This course is designed for experienced Autodesk Inventor users. Those attending should have attended the Autodesk Inventor Introduction training course or have an equivalent understanding of the Autodesk Inventor user interface and working environment.


Day One
  • Introduction to Tube and Pipe
    • Tube and Pipe Designs
    • Tube and Pipe Environment
  • Setup for Routes and Runs
    • Tube and Pipe Files
    • Creating a Tube and Pipe Assembly
    • Tube and Pipe Styles and Content
    • Placing Library & Authored Fittings
    • Connecting and Editing Fittings
  • Routes and Runs
    • Creating Rigid Routes
    • Autoroute Regions
    • Creating Derived Routes
    • Defining Gravity for a Self-Draining Route
    • 3D Orthogonal Route Tool
    • Placing Points Along An Axis
    • Creating Bends in Routes
    • Snapping to Points and Rotations
    • Aligning the Axes
    • Construction Lines
    • Editing Routes
    • Controlling Tube and Pipe Updates
    • Adding and Changing Fittings
    • Applying a New Style
    • Deleting Routes and Runs
    • Creating Flexible Hose Routes
    • Inserting Nodes
    • Editing Hose Routes
    • Check Minimum Bend Radius
    • Reuse of Routes and Runs
    • Managing Tube and Pipe Components in iAssemblies
Day Two
  • Fittings and Components
    • Adding a Custom Library
    • Configuring the Content Center File Path
    • Copying Content to a Custom Library
    • Creating Custom Content
    • Authoring Tube and Pipe Content
    • Publishing Tube and Pipe Content
    • Document Settings for Published Parts
    • Adding and Editing Family Column Values
    • Adding a Custom Display Name
    • Creating a New Style
    • Configuring a Self Draining Style
    • Configuring Styles in Templates
  • Documenting Tube and Pipe Assemblies
    • Creating, Saving, and Activating Level of Detail Representations
    • Creating a Substitute Level of Detail
    • Tube and Pipe Design
    • Creating Drawing Views
    • Including Route Centerlines
    • Customizing a Parts List
    • Creating Bending Machine Files
    • Exporting ISOGEN Files

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Autodesk Inventor, Tube and Pipe Design

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