Autodesk Inventor, Sheet Metal Design

This Autodesk Inventor: Sheet Metal Design Course introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modeling with the Autodesk Inventor software. The course follows the typical stages of using Inventor to create sheet metal parts, edit them, generate flat patterns, and document the designs in drawings.

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The topics presented in this course assume prior knowledge of 3D solid part modelling using the Autodesk Inventor software. Knowledge of sheet metal processing is also helpful as delegates will learn how to use the sheet metal design tools.


  • Introduction to Sheet Metal Modeling
    • Sheet Metal Concepts
    • Sheet Metal Terminology
    • Sheet Metal Environment
    • Sheet Metal Design Process
  • Sheet Metal Base Features
    • Applying Existing Sheet Metal Defaults
    • Creating a Face as a Base Feature
    • Creating a Contour Flange as a Base Feature
    • Creating a Contour Roll as a Base Feature
  • Sheet Metal Secondary Features
    • Sheet Metal Parameters
    • Bend Relief Shapes
    • Faces as Secondary Features
    • Contour Flanges as Secondary Features
    • Contour Rolls as Secondary Features
  • Flanges
    • Creating Flanges
    • Corner Relief Options
    • Corner Relief Shapes
  • Bending Sheet Metal
    • Hems
    • Folds
    • Bends
  • Corner Rounds and Chamfers
    • Creating Corner Rounds
    • Creating Corner Chamfers
  • Sheet Metal Cuts
    • Creating Cut Features
    • Creating Straight Holes
    • Using Punch Tool Features
    • Creating a Punch Tool
    • Cuts Using Surfaces
  • Corner Seams
    • Creating Corner Seams and Miters
    • Creating Corner Rips
    • Converting Corner Seams and Bends
    • Flat Pattern Environment
    • Creating Flat Patterns
    • Flat Pattern
    • Orienting Flat Patterns
    • Punch Representations
    • Bend Angle
    • Flat Pattern Cleanup
  • Lofted Flange and Rips
    • Lofted Flange
    • Rip
  • Unfold and Refold
    • Unfold/Refold
  • Documentation and Annotation
    • Sheet Metal Drawing Terminology
    • Creating Sheet Metal Drawings
    • Bend & Punch Notes
    • Bend Tables
    • Punch Tables
    • Bend Order
    • Cosmetic Centerlines
  • Converting Parts to Sheet Metal
    • Converting Solid Models to Sheet Metal
    • Non-Ruled Surfaces

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Autodesk Inventor, Sheet Metal Design

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