Autodesk Inventor, Advanced Assembly Modelling

This course builds on the skills acquired in the Autodesk Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling and Autodesk Inventor Advanced Part Modelling courses, and is designed to take delegates to a higher level of productivity creating and working with assemblies using Autodesk Inventor software.

"Our trainer was excellent. Dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable and friendly." - Joseph N. 


Those attending should have a good understanding of the Inventor basics as taught in Inventor Introduction to Solid Modelling course. In addition, previous attendance on the Autodesk Inventor Advanced Part Modelling course is recommended


Day One
  • Working Effectively with Assemblies
    • General Assembly Tips
    • Relationship Tips
    • Motion Constraints
    • Transitional Constraints
  • Introduction to Top-Down Design
    • Top-Down Design
    • Top-Down Design Process
    • Top-Down Design Tools
  • Derived Components
    • Derived Components
    • Modify Derived Components
  • Multi-Body Part Modelling
Day Two
  • Layout Design
  • Associative Links and Adaptive Parts
    • Associative Links
    • Adaptive Assembly Parts
  • iMates
  • Positional Representations
    • Introduction to Positional Representations
    • Create and Edit Positional Representations
    • Use Positional Representations
  • Model Simplification
    • Shrinkwrap
    • Model Simplification
  • Level of Detail Representations
    • Level of Detail Representations
    • System-Defined Level of Detail Representations
    • User-Defined Level of Detail Representations
    • Using Level of Detail Representations
    • Substitute Level of Detail Representations
    • LOD Productivity Tools
  • Design Accelerator
    • Design Accelerator
    • Generators
    • Calculators
    • Engineer's Handbook
  • Advanced File Management
    • Design Assistant
    • Design Assistant Options
    • Pack and Go
    • Purging Old Files
    • Copy Design using Autodesk Vault
Day Three
  • Inventor Studio
    • Introduction to Inventor Studio
    • Rendering
    • Animation
    • Video Producer
    • Creating a Standard Room
  • iAssemblies
    • Introduction
    • Create Basic iAssemblies
    • Create Multi-Level iAssemblies
    • Create iAssemblies Using Existing Assemblies
    • Place iAssemblies
    • Edit iAssemblies
  • Frame Generator
    • Frame Generator
    • Structural Shape Author
  • Assembly Duplication Options
    • Pattern Components
    • Mirror Components
    • Copy Components
  • Working with Weldments
    • Working with Weldments
    • Fillet Welds
    • Cosmetic Welds
    • Groove Welds
  • Working with Spreadsheets and Parameters
    • Spreadsheet-Driven Parameters
    • Custom Parameters
    • Custom Parameter Formatting & Expressions

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Autodesk Inventor, Advanced Assembly Modelling

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