AutoCAD Electrical, Fundamentals with IEC Standards

In this course, delegates learn how to use many of the powerful electrical drawing creation tools in the AutoCAD Electrical software. Delegates create schematic drawings (ladder logic and point to point), panel drawings, and PLC-I/O circuits using automated commands for symbol insertion, component tagging, wire numbering, and drawing modification. In addition, delegates are introduced to methods of customising AutoCAD Electrical software symbols, circuits, and databases. Other topics covered include title block linking, reporting tools, templates, and project files.

"Excellent facilities and course material - thanks! :)" - Natalie P.


It is important that those attending this course have a working knowledge of the AutoCAD software as well as understanding electrical terminology


Day One
  • Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical
    • What is AutoCAD Electrical
    • Interface
    • Start Tab
    • Drawing Files
    • Electrical components and wires
    • Design Methodologies
  • Project manager
    • Project Files
    • Project manager
    • Projects Tab
    • Location View Tab
    • Accessing Project Files
    • Opening Drawings through the project
    • Creating and adding Drawings to a Project
  • Schematics
  • Single wire components
    • Ladders
    • Add Rungs
    • Edit Wires
    • Wire Types
    • Changing Wire Type
    • Wire Numbers
    • Source and Destination Signal Arrows
    • Inserting Components
    • Parent/Child Components
Day Two
  • Multiwire and Circuits
    • Dashed link Lines
    • 3-Phase Ladders
    • Multi Wire Bus
    • 3-Phase components
    • 3-Phase Wire numbering
    • Cable markers
    • Fan in and Fan Out
    • Copy/ Move Circuit Clipboard
    • Circuit Builder
  • Panel Drawings
    • Insert Footprint
    • Insert components
    • Edit Footprint
    • Assign Item Numbers
    • Add Balloons
  • Terminals
    • Insert Terminal Symbols
    • Multiple Level Terminals
    • Insert Jumpers
    • Terminal Strip Editor
  • PLC Symbols
    • Insert PLC (Parametric)
    • Insert PLC (Full Units)
    • Insert individual PLC I/O Points
    • PLC Base Tagging
Day Three
  • Point to Point Wiring
    • Insert and Edit Connectors
    • Insert Splices
  • Symbol Creation
    • Schematic Symbols
    • Icon menu Wizard
    • AutoCAD Electrical Databases
    • Catalogue Databases
  • Title Blocks
    • Update and setup Title blocks
  • Reporting Tools
    • Create Reports
    • Report generator
    • Save to File
    • Put on Drawing
  • Settings and Templates
    • Project Properties
    • Drawing Properties
    • Panel Drawing Configuration
  • Drawing Update tools
    • Project wide update
    • Project wide Retag
    • Project wide Utilities
  • Update from Spreadsheet

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AutoCAD Electrical, Fundamentals with IEC Standards

3 Days (24 - 26 Aug 2020)
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