AutoCAD Advanced

This AutoCAD Advanced training course introduces advanced techniques and teaches the delegate how to be more proficient in the use of AutoCAD. It will teach delegates how to recognise the best tool for the task, the best way to use that tool, and how to create new tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

"Good course with a helpful, knowledgeable instructor, many thanks." - Peter H.


Delegates should have attended the AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Fundamentals or equivalent.


Day One
  • Advanced Text Objects
    • Annotation Scale Overview
    • Using Fields
    • Controlling the Draw Order
  • Working with Tables
    • Working with Linked Tables
    • Creating Table Styles
  • Dynamic Blocks
    • Working with Dynamic Blocks
    • Creating Dynamic Block Definitions
    • Dynamic Block Authoring Tools
    • Additional Visibility Options
  • Attributes
    • Inserting Blocks with Attributes
    • Editing Attribute Values
    • Defining Attributes
    • Redefining Blocks with Attributes
    • Extracting Attributes
Day Two
  • Output and Publishing
    • Output For Electronic Review
    • Autodesk Design Review
    • Publishing Drawing Sets
  • Other Tools for Collaboration
    • eTransmit
    • Hyperlinks
  • Cloud Collaboration and 2D Automation
    • Connecting to the Cloud
    • Sharing Drawings in the Cloud
    • AutoCAD WS
    • Automatic Model Documentation
  • Introduction to Sheet Sets
    • Overview of Sheet Sets
    • Creating Sheet Sets
    • Creating Sheets in Sheet Sets
    • Adding Views to Sheets
    • Importing Layouts to Sheet Sets
  • Publishing & Customizing Sheet Sets
    • Transmitting and Archiving Sheet Sets
    • Publishing Sheet Sets
    • Customising Sheet Sets
    • Custom Blocks for Sheet Sets
  • Managing Layers
    • Working in the Layer Properties Manager
    • Creating Layer Filters
    • Setting Layer States
Day Three
  • CAD Standards
    • CAD Standards Concepts
    • Configuring Standards
    • Checking Standards
    • Layer Translator
  • System Setup
    • Options Dialog Box
    • System Variables
    • Dynamic Input Settings
    • Drawing Utilities
    • Managing Plotters
    • Plot Styles
  • Introduction to Customisation
    • Why Customise?
    • What Can Be Customised?
    • Creating a Custom Workspace
  • Customising the User Interface
    • Using the Customize User Interface (CUI) Dialog Box
    • Customising the Ribbon
    • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customising Menus
    • Creating Custom Toolbars
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Macros & Custom Routines
    • Custom Commands and Macros
    • Running Scripts
    • Action Recorder
    • Editing Action Macros
    • Loading Custom Routines

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AutoCAD Advanced

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