ARCHIBUS SmartClient & Web Central System Administration

The Administration type courses will take the trainee through the fundamental stages needed to enhance and further develop their use of the ARCHIBUS system, this Administration can be broken down into some of the following areas. - Licensing - Essential Application Security - Advanced Application Security - Personalising the Process Navigator - Personalising The Navigation Pages - Personalising the Presentation of Data - Configuring Workflow Rules - Configuring Authentication - Administrating the Database - Configuring Web Central - Configuring SmartClient


These courses are designed for the advanced users of ARCHIBUS; users will need to have a good understanding of their ARCHIBUS system, ARCHIBUS hierarchy structure and table/field mappings The following prerequisites apply:- - Previous Attendance of the ARCHIBUS Fundamentals Course - Previous Attendance of at least two other ARCHIBUS designed Courses - Understand the Principles and Workings of a Database - Be fully competent in the Use of MS-Windows - An Understanding of Facilities Management (CAFM) Concepts and Design


  • Licensing
    • Deployment and Licensing Levels
    • Demonstration User Accounts and Licensing
  • Essential Application Security
    • Getting started with Roles, Users and Processes
    • How to Add a New Security Group
    • How to Add a New User
  • Advanced Application Security
    • Security Overview
    • Hierarchical Security
    • VPA Security
  • Personalising the Process Navigator
    • The Process Navigator Tables
    • Editing the Entities on the Process Navigator
    • The Process Dashboard
  • Personalising the Navigation Pages
    • Best Practice
    • Adding Navigation Pages
    • Troubleshooting
  • Personalising the Presentation of Data
    • How to Change Field Titles
    • How to Change Table Titles
    • How to Change the Visibility and Size of Asset Text
  • Configuring Workflow Rules
    • Administering Workflow Rules
    • Controlling Workflow Rule Access with Hierarchical Security
  • Configuring Authentication
    • Authentication Cases
    • ARCHIBUS Authentication
  • Administering the Database
    • Database Security
    • Microsoft SQL Server Procedures
    • Oracle Procedures
    • Sybase Procedures
  • Configuring Web Central
    • Memory Management
    • Performance Tuning
    • Configuration Settings
  • Configuring SmartClient
    • Memory Management
    • Installation Configuration Settings
    • Client Deployment Methods

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ARCHIBUS SmartClient & Web Central System Administration

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