ARCHIBUS Mobile Applications

These courses will aim to introduce the trainees to the fundamental concepts involved within the main application activities within the ARCHIBUS Mobile Applications. - Incidents Reporting - Assessment - Space & Occupancy Survey - Workplace Service Portal - Asset & Equipment Survey - Maintenance - Space Book The course length will be dependent on the number of activities for user requirements, design and setup.


This course is designed for the new user of the ARCHIBUS Activity. The following prerequisites apply:- Previous attendance of the ARCHIBUS Fundamentals course. Be fully Competent in the use of MS-Windows. Be fully Competent in the use of Web Browsers and the World Wide Web An understanding of Facilities Management (CAFM) concepts and design.


  • Incident Reporting
    • EH&S Incident Reporting
    • Create New Report by Copying Existing
    • Logging Incident details
  • Assessments
    • Facility Assessments
    • Multiple Assessment Project Types
    • Filter Assessment Items Lists
    • Add Photographs
    • Update Assessment Information Including: Condition, Priority, Cost, Comments and Recommended Action
  • Space & Occupancy Surveys
    • Update Room Information
    • Update Employee Assignments
    • Integrated with Workplace Transactions
    • Photo & Survey Comments
  • Workplace Service Portal
    • Reservations Integrated with Web Central Reservation
    • Review Reservations & locate Rooms on a Floor Plan
    • Hoteling, Integrated with Web Central Hoteling
    • Book a New Hoteling Space
    • Locate Rooms on a Floor Plan
    • Service Desk Requests, integrated with Web Central Service Desk
    • Create New Requests
    • Locate Rooms or Employees
    • Locate a Room or an Employee on a Site or Floor Plan
    • My Department Space
    • Navigate Site Plans, Floor List and Floor Plans
    • My Service Requests
    • List all Service Requests in a Single List
  • Asset & Equipment Survey
    • Developing and Maintaining Enterprise Assets
    • Creating Asset & Equipment Surveys
    • Manage Surveys
  • Maintenance
    • Updating Work Requests
    • Adding new Requests
    • Assigning Photographs to Requests
    • Receiving and Updating Requests
  • Space Book
    • Accessing Key Building Data and Drawings
    • How to Conduct Paperless Space Surveys
    • Review Summary and Space Information and Detail
    • How to Navigate through Facilities Information
    • How to Upload Site Surveys and Data

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ARCHIBUS Mobile Applications

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