Excitech is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC). We have training facilities in Enfield, London and Cambridge to provide you with the skills you need to ensure your design technology is a success.

Autodesk Inventor Training Courses

Autodesk Inventor software provides engineers and designers professional-grade design and engineering solutions for 3D mechanical design, simulation, visualisation, and documentation.

Inventor is packed with user-requested updates and enhancements to help speed up your design workflows, reduce repetitive tasks, and work the way you want.

To take full advantage of the features and functionalities Inventor has to offer, we provide a wide range of Inventor courses. Explore our full range of Inventor courses below:

Autodesk Inventor, Certified User Part 1
Autodesk Inventor, Certified User Part 1 - Virtual Course

Autodesk Inventor Certified User Part 2
Autodesk Inventor Certified User Part 2 - Virtual Course

Autodesk Inventor Administration
Autodesk Inventor Administration - Virtual Course

Autodesk Inventor 2021 Update 
Autodesk Inventor 2021 Update - Virtual Course

Inventor, Sheet Metal Design
Inventor, Sheet Metal Design - Virtual Course

Inventor, Tube & Pipe Design​
Inventor, Tube & Pipe Design - Virtual Course

Inventor, Cable & Harness Design
Inventor, Cable & Harness Design - Virtual Course

Inventor, Presenting Designs with Image and Animation Tools
Inventor, Presenting Designs with Image and Animation Tools - Virtual Course

iLogic for Autodesk Inventor
iLogic for Autodesk Inventor - Virtual Course

Woodwork for Inventor Fundamentals
Woodwork for Inventor Fundamentals - Virtual Course


Autodesk Inventor Certification

Autodesk Professional Certification - Inventor

What are some of the benefits seen by clients in undertaking Autodesk Inventor training through Excitech?

  • We help to maximise the impact and efficiency of your technology, resulting in a more motivated and productive workforce.
  • Training provides evidence of personal investment, in turn creating a sense of value and subsequent loyalty to the employer. That value boosts morale, leading to improved staff retention and reduced recruitment costs.
  • A highly skilled workforce results in a better-quality product, and positive staff investment marks companies out as good employers to potential customers, new recruits and business partners.

Please call our friendly team on 01992 807 444 for more details about our Autodesk Inventor training courses and to register your interest for a course.