Premium Support & Services

Premium Support & Services Programme for operational continuity

Welcome to a new way of accessing Excitech premium services faster and easier

Our new Premium Support & Services Programme gives you fast-track access to additional services through a one-year agreement. It covers all of our operational departments including IT, as well as CAD, CAFM, and Document Management.

Our Premium Support & Services Programme provides:

  • Fast resolution of mission critical problems that fall outside of standard support
  • Access to specialised skills to progress critical issues you can’t resolve yourselves
  • Transparent reporting so you can demonstrate the positive outcomes delivered within each reporting period
  • Control and visibility with regular draw down updates so you can see who’s seeking what help and when
  • One standard rate across all services for easy admin

A 12-month Premium Support & Services Agreement includes:
  • Creation of design standards and templates
  • Deployment and implementation services
  • Design data corruption recovery
  • Ad-hoc training workshops
  • Custom view/report creation
  • Change requests
  • Installations and/or upgrade implementations
  • Scripts creation
  • Data recovery
  • System configuration and software development
  • System upgrades
  • Testing support
  • Workshops
  • Implementation
  • On-site installation
  • Project management
  • Remote installation
  • System or data recovery

Excitech Premium Support & Services Programme - w
hen things absolutely must get done without delay

Access to additional premium services above standard support for those operational problems that can bring your business to a halt.

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Are you an existing Excitech Support or RSA Customer? Download our frequently asked questions to understand more about our new Premium Support & Services programme.

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