DMS Support

SupportĀ to help you maximise your investment

Your Document Management System can’t ever let you down. If it did, chaos would ensue across your business very quickly. It could be highly frustrating. It could be costly. Excitech DMS Support is here to stop your problems in their tracks and keep your document management system up and running and your business processes undisturbed.

Minimise downtime

When you make contact with Excitech engineers their prime objective is to minimise downtime and loss of productivity for your business.

Standard DMS Support Premium Support & Services
Unlimited calls to resolve problems Easier and faster access to Excitech services when unforseen events arise
What's Covered?

Your DMS solution delivers management and control throughout your business. Standard DMS support from Excitech ensures any issues that impact your system are resolved by our experts.
  • Tailored support for your whole workforce - Access to our dedicated support engineers ensures full access from production users or design team leads. Rapid assistance with document workflows through to global change management prevents project deadlines being impacted.
  • Access to industry experts - When queries become complex and require expert input, our wide-ranging consulting team are tightly integrated into our support model allowing us to provide the best possible advice.
  • Bigger than the sum of its parts - Your DMS solution does not operate in a vacuum. It will manage data from your authoring applications and form a core part of your business's infrastructure. Our support engineers and consultants are able to draw on a wide range of in-house expertise from CAD & IT support to help resolves issues effectively. 
What's Covered?

Premium Support & Services offers help with installation, configuration, customisation, training and consultancy where incidents fall outside the scope of Standard DMS Support. 
  • Manage risk - Ensure that you are covered for every eventuality across your production environment through rapid access to services that fill the gaps during un-planned stoppages or change requirements.
  • Reduce costs - Take advantage of experts who will complement your team without shouldering the full-time cost. Utilise Premium Support & Services where you have a skills gap or just don't have the resources available to react to an incident.
  • Build agility -  When deadlines are looming and you need an urgent resolution, pre-purchased Premium Support & Services can be drawn down as on-site or remote resource quickly; short-cutting the requisition and approval processes.