Technology Adoption

Taking the next step

Excitech Technology Adoption Consultancy is a service for architecture, engineering and construction companies crafted around one simple thought: helping you make the most considered, valuable, and practical decisions about the next step forward for your business.

Decisions for growth

The construction sector is in a transitional stage. As the requirements for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the need for alignment to industry standards intensify, the winners in the industry will be those who adapt to new demands for greater sophistication in what they do and how they do it; in short, in how they keep abreast of technology.

Knowing the facts

Making the right decisions depends on knowing the facts. Selection of appropriate hardware and software is a process that delivers maximum benefits for sustained growth when it takes account of three crucial factors:

  • The baseline: Where your processes and IT infrastructure are today, their plus points and their limitations, the areas for improvement and the areas for major re-assessment. Are you still using manual processes for complex tasks that can be automated and digitised? Are you making do with yesterday’s technology even though you know smarter solutions exist?
    Is your firm the best it can be?
  • The next step: Streamlining your efficiencies through technologies such as Cloud and virtualisation, preparing for new challenges, and managing new volumes and speeds of data, do not always require complete systems re-evaluations; the next step forward can often be incremental, building gradually on what you have, making improvements in one area before moving on to the next.
    Can you easily identify the next thing to do for the most business gain?
  • The long term goal: We are all working in an industry where it’s important to see the shape of things to come. Your technology strategy plays a vital role in preparing you for it. So do the skills of your staff. How you enable them to be more productive, work more collaboratively, respond to new industry standards and more exacting customer expectations are all core considerations.
    Do you have solid foundations for growth?

Excitech Delivers The Facts To Help You Find The Answers

We’ll get you there

Our consultants can guide you through the important questions and enable you to make informed decisions. We conduct our technology adoption consultancy engagements in line with an approach designed to adapt to where your business is today and where you wish to take it in the future:

Assessing the baseline

In discussion with your stakeholders we’ll take the time it needs to fully understand your current operational processes, the make-up of your IT infrastructure and network capabilities, and how well it performs in meeting your needs. We will talk in depth with your staff to understand where they feel there to be scope for improvement. We will also assess how aligned your processes are with the requirements of BIM Level2 and beyond.

Roadmap for the next step

From this initial assessment of your bigger picture, qualified by your stated business goals and growth aspirations, we will produce a roadmap for the next steps. It will include:

  • Recommendations on improvement to processes
  • Hardware and software recommendations based on Excitech experience and benchmarked against current industry best practices (we work with over 400 companies in the AEC industry)
  • Implementation guidance including timings, phases, and demonstrations where necessary
  • Pilot project and quick start proposals so that you can see the proposed solution working and build familiarity with any new skills required. Our consultants will be with you at every step to make the adoption phase simple and deal with any concerns as they arise.
  • Training of all staff to ensure complete familiarity

Achieving your long-term goal

We’re committed to underpinning every customer relationship with a dedication to a long-term partnership. Excitech consultants are always looking at the future and where, as an industry, we are going.