Statutory and Government Compliance

Ensure the highest standards of compliance

Excitech Statutory and Government Compliance Consultancy gives you the benefit of our deep experience across the AEC industry and the many and constantly emerging and changing areas of compliance you have to meet.

We help bring your operational processes in line not just with a complex ecosystem of legal requirements but also new standards in the area of Building Information Modelling (BIM) that constitute a platform for potential business growth.

Essential attention to detail

Excitech can evaluate how compliance impacts your business operations on the three principal fronts affected and then enables you to adjust your processes to cover every detail:

  • Data and Information

    If you fall the wrong side of statutory regulations then the consequences could be at best inconvenient for your business and, at worst, damaging. Excitech helps you put the right systems and processes in place when it comes to how you treat information and how you gather, store and share data.

  • Design and BIM

    From April 2016 the Government has required BIM compliance from all suppliers wishing to tender for government-sponsored projects. If you cannot demonstrate this compliance you are excluded from tendering. However, the impact of BIM is now industry-wide as clients in the private sector seek the benefits of information sharing and the collaboration it brings.

  • Design and building operations

    All aspects of the operations of a building are at some point subject to compliance standards and often statutory rules. Excitech will help you identify where areas such as Health and Safety regulation, sustainability and environmental issues dictate best practice within your own processes.

Model futures

We’ll enable you to simulate models for the future conformity of your designs. This approach might include analyses on energy and sustainability, for example, to validate the feasibility of designs.