Investing in a Document Management Solution can be a major decision, so it pays to have some guidance

For businesses small and large, investing in a Document Management System (DMS) can change the whole dynamic of how your business works, so it helps to have a trusted partner at your side who has done it many times before, and can provide neutral and expert guidance. 

Excitech have been advising, configuring and supporting a range of Document Management Solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industry for over 20 years, and with customers ranging from sole traders to government and multinational corporates, we have the experience to help you all the way through.


It can be really hard to get a handle on what each department needs from a document management system, how the system may need to integrate with other systems, and what features are vital for helping your business maximise a return on this technology investment. A workshop with our consultants and clearly written User Requirement Specification (URS) will get you there quickly, resulting in a clear specification providing you with what your business wants and where the priorities lie, which that you can take to any product vendor.

Advantages of our workshops include:

  • Providing clarity for stakeholders
  • Reducing the risk of poorly specified systems
  • Improving user adoption
  • Providing a clear list for you to compare products and vendors

Design Productivity Review

You may have the best people and the best software tools, but if you don’t know the best way to use them, you won’t be getting all you could from your investment. With the rate of technology developments ever increasing also, it can be difficult to keep up. Demanding workloads limit research and development, so users tend to stick with the technologies they know. Our Design Productivity Review service provides a deep insight into how your company uses your current technology, identifies any inefficiencies in your processes, and advises on new tools or processes that you could adopt. It can help you:

  • Improve Process
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Costs
  • Provide you with a Competitive Advantage

The core ‘Design Productivity Review’ focuses on the use of technology but can be extended to include additional modules upon request, for example CAD Standards, IT/Hardware Audit, Document Management, Bespoke Software Development, and BIM Level 2 Compliancy & Accreditation. 

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BIM Level 2 Gap Analysis

BIM level 2 accreditation is becoming a necessity for many AEC businesses, but it can be hard to get your head around the documentation and know what is necessary and how best to meet the standard with minimal disruption. Excitech work in partnership with Lloyd's Register to deliver the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Accreditation process, which certifies organisations involved in the design and construction process as 'BIM Ready'. The certification demonstrates compliancy to a number of standards including e.g. PAS91:2013, PAS1192-2:2013, PAS1192-3:2014, BS11000-1:2010 and all published sections of BS 1192:2007.

In order to work towards or remain compliant with the above, your business needs to firstly understand the gaps that exist within your current operations and processes. We have a long-standing track record in consultancy and the implementation of BIM. It is for this reason that we offer a "Gap Analysis" as part of our BIM Level 2 Accreditation process which involves:

  • Identifying any risks in your processes
  • Documenting the workflows and technology solutions required to bring your business up to auditable standards
  • Establishing a time frame and cost

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