Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)

Making a strategic difference

The role of the Facilities Manager is no longer just about fixing things when they go wrong. Responsibilities have grown. The needs of the business are becoming more strategic, more important in the critical area of saving and reducing costs, and more instrumental in supporting lines of business in their own cost reduction initiatives and asset management.

Excitech can help you assume a proactive role far earlier in the design-build-operate cycle. From project inception you’ll be able to help ensure that key data is identified, documented and captured throughout the project life cycle. This is a core value of Building Information Modelling (BIM) practices. We help Facilities Management make a practical contribution in influencing early stage creation of BIM models so that they ultimately make building operations more effective with the help of CAFM software. 

Facilities Management adds value

Excitech CAFM consultancy brings decades of experience of working in the built environment to the benefit of Facilities Management. We understand how buildings function and how their component parts link together into complex ecosystems that require constant attention and monitoring software. 

Agility and vision

Our consultants can guide you through the many approaches you can employ to protect the value of property assets, and add value to the business.
We understand how architects, engineers and contractors pass data between each other to drive faster and more productive outcomes; and we know how FM can now lock into that same mine of information.

Excitech CAFM consultancy can introduce you to a variety of ways to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase profitability.
  • BIM to FM Consultancy
    Helping owner/occupiers to write their EIR and AIR to ensure the information captured during the design and build phase can be seamlessly transferred from BIM models into Facilities Management solutions. This will reduce data transfer time and avoiding the need to survey a new building to capture this data.
  • Strategic space and asset management, with portfolio forecasting
    From major corporations to government departments, one of the biggest drains on finances is the under-utilisation or the poor utilisation of space. We can help you drive collaboration with users and streamline the enterprise move management process.
  • Greater efficiencies in planned and reactive maintenance
    We can introduce you to the right technology to alleviate the manpower burden of maintenance, driving cost savings and enabling processes with the use of software that give you the full picture. 

    An integrated set of reports and dashboards across all assets gives you an informed and timely view of what needs to happen next. You’ll be able to serve the business better through automation and customer self-service.
  • Strategic property management and portfolio planning
    Excitech can help you harness historical data to help you predict and control portfolio occupancy costs and the administration that goes with them.

    You’ll be able to assess baseline conditions, forecast future requirements, and propose alternative planning scenarios.

At the heart of all new CAFM capabilities is information management. Central to that is using the right software. Our consultancy team will identify strategies and processes to address your operational and long-term facilities' needs.