BIM Content Creation

Speak the right language

There’s an art and a science that building product manufacturers and suppliers need to master to give their products the best chance of easy adoption and success in the increasingly data-driven world inhabited by architects, engineers and construction professionals.

Work closer with your customers

Responding now to the digital requirements of your customers puts you in a strong position to win business by understanding and responding to the pressures your customers face.

Delivering into the Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow

The market place is changing. Your customers are increasingly demanding that the digital representation of your products meets standards such as the NBS BIM Object Standard, and ISO/PAS 16739.

Excitech can help you formulate an overall approach and BIM technical strategy. Get the details right for delivering your products into the information management processes that underpin the construction industry.

For more information on content creation services please visit our BIM for Manufacturers page. 

The industry itself faces big challenges as BIM becomes more widely mandated across the sector. Excitech can partner you at each stage of getting your BIM content in the right shape and format to meet your customers’ needs. Consultancy services include:

  • Information capture:

    Gathering the right information in the right way

  • Information structure:

    Preparing 3D geometric representations of your products with the associated data for inclusion in the NBS National BIM Library and for compatibility with Autodesk Revit

  • Standards compliance:

    Meeting the standards and expectations of the market place

  • Delivery format:

    Whether through Autodesk Revit objects, CIBSE Product Data Templates, or Product Data Sheet (PDS) hosting solutions we will ensure that your products are ready.

Create your own strategy

Excitech consultants can work with you in one of two ways to help you meet the demands of your customers in the shortest timeframe to maximise your growth potential:

  • Outsourced project management

    For a swift and efficient turnaround of your specified products into BIM-compliant format we can gather the information from you and create the necessary BIM content on your behalf. This is an ideal approach for companies with small product portfolios or where little change is planned to the portfolio.

  • In-house skills development

    Alternatively our consultants can impart the necessary skills and knowledge to your in-house teams via workshop and training sessions. We will provide full training in the practices and principles of BIM, together with training on the essential skills to enable you to produce the necessary data assets in-house. This is an ideal approach for companies with dynamic product portfolios, regular new introductions, and/or ongoing product modifications and updates.

Our experience

Excitech has been working closely with companies in the construction sector to adopt BIM processes since the earliest days of its introduction. We were one of the first companies in the UK to pioneer its principles, in the development of Heathrow Terminal 5.

We have a deep understanding of how it impacts processes and productivity within the construction sector and can offer reliable guidance to manufacturers and suppliers.

If you need help creating and publishing your BIM content, then please contact our manufacturing team today or visit our BIM for Manufacturers page.