Application Development

Getting practical value from your software

Excitech Application Development Consultancy is designed to help you take out-of-the-box software products and make them your own. It’s about giving your users a faster way into the features of applications such as AutoCAD and Revit that they make most use of, most often.

It’s about efficiency

Software companies design their products to bring the maximum amount of benefit to the biggest number of customers.
This enables entire industries to make technological progress.
It doesn’t allow individual companies to get ahead of the competition unless they take the software and modify it. That’s where Excitech Application Development comes in.

  • Speed up processes

    We’ll track your most common user journeys and provide shorter routes, aiming to resolve a specific problem.

  • Minimise procedures

    Just because an application sets up rules doesn’t mean they have to be followed; we’ll help you create your own and make it easier to use so you waste less time

Excitech Productivity Tools

By working with hundreds of leading AEC organisations for over 30 years, we’ve discovered two fundamental truths about the challenges the industry faces:

  • Every challenge is the same
  • Every challenge is different

The similarity between challenges faced by different organisations has enabled us to develop a set of proven tools. By gathering together some of the leading ready-made solutions on the market, we can apply add-ons to mainstream software packages to make them do more of what you want them to do.

Excitech’s Productivity Tools enable you to make the best use of your software. They can automate the set-up of project and sub-project folders, and check AutoCAD drawings against CAD standards. They also offer a wide range of modification tools in between.
Our consultants will evaluate how you use the software and present customisation proposals that will bring its functionality in line with your needs.

Making it yours: THE PROCESS

Our developers and consultants will work closely with you to:

Understand: Produce a scope of understanding to make sure your requirements are accurately specified.

Assess: Undertake a feasibility study to determine the viability of the technical solution and the nature of any additional work required.

Propose: Present a detailed proposal outlining the recommended additions, and the improvements they will introduce.

Specify: Create a functional specification to detail the product's or tool’s intended capabilities, appearance, and interactions with users. Upon approval we will develop the application as approved.

Test: Carry out user acceptance testing to make sure the specified change meets expectations and user requirements.

Deploy: The tool is packaged and deployed on client site by client IT supported by developers.

Post Deployment Review and Sign–off

To review how the project has evolved we will then meet with you to cover the following quality parameters:

  • Did the application solve the problem that it was designed to address?
  • Can we take things further, and deliver more benefits?
  • What lessons did we learn that we can apply to future development projects?

Customisation Brochure