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Excitech’s consultants help you discover potential you often may not have known you have. They come from within the construction industry, design disciplines, site management, operations, and engineering. They look beyond technology into the business value, process acceleration, collaborative advantage, and continuous improvement

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Excitech Consultancy Services

Excitech Consultancy Services focus on value; bringing more of it to your business in terms of efficient processes, innovative solutions, and detailed evaluations of where you are now and where you need to be in the future.

Industry experience

Our consultants come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, all bringing expertise directly relevant to the architecture, engineering and construction sector and affiliated businesses. In our team we have trained architects, structural and civil engineers, construction professionals, surveyors, and facilities managers. They understand the type of business challenges you face.

Exploring every opportunity

We understand the ins and outs of how the construction sector works, from the applications it uses right through to the need to manage, share, send and collaborate on big files. Among our wide range of services we can help with how you deal with challenges posed by BIM and the need for collaboration processes.

We can enable you to customise applications to work the way you want them to, manage your IT infrastructure, and provide streamlined systems for document management, and compliance.

Informed advice

Our customers trust us to spot opportunities for their business that they might have missed. They look to us to identify the trends and technologies they should be focusing on for competitive advantage.

We’re dedicated to offering sound, informed consultancy services that deliver tangible results. When you succeed, so do we.

  • BIM Strategy and Execution
    BIM Strategy and Execution
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  • Collaboration & Document Management
    Collaboration & Document Management
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  • CAFM
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  • Statutory and Government Compliance
    Statutory and Government Compliance
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  • Process Improvement
    Process Improvement
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  • Application Development
    Application Development
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  • Technology Adoption
    Technology Adoption
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  • Content Creation
    Content Creation
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