Dynamo Studio

Autodesk Dynamo Studio is a stand-alone programming environment for exploring parametric conceptual designs, uniting the freedom of working untethered from Revit with BIM-connected computational design. Dynamo Studio

Autodesk Dynamo Studio is a stand-alone programming environment that lets designers create visual logic to explore parametric conceptual designs and automate tasks. Users can solve challenges faster by designing workflows that drive the geometry and behaviour of design models. Autodesk Dynamo Studio lets you extend your designs into interoperable workflows for documentation, fabrication, coordination, simulation, and analysis.

Explore parametric design concepts in a lightweight environment to iterate faster and earlier than ever.

  • Rapidly test and iterate your designs so you can study more options in less time
  • Solve complex geometric problems with visual logic even if you don't know how to program
  • Automate repetitive tasks for more precision and speed
  • Manage risk by exposing trade-offs and understanding systems and connections at the conceptual phase
  • Generate sophisticated designs from simple data, logic, and analysis
Visualise geometry in a stand-alone environment
  • Access a world-class geometry library to create solids and surfaces compatible with most downstream needs
  • Work live in shared collaborative environment without the need for export
  • Communicate to other applications from within Autodesk's Dynamo Studio for further insight, including Revit, Robot, Rhinoceros, NavisWorks, SAP2000, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Tableau, and more
Extend computational design into other professional applications smoothly to work more effectively with project teams
  • Design parametric geometry that translates into Revit families
  • Communicate your work easily and efficiently with project teams with shareable content
  • Harness the power of BIM so you can realise design changes without remodelling and build systems, not just models
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Dynamo Studio Overview

Dynamo Studio automation

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