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Excitech's Revit Toolkit offers a range of enhancements for Autodesk Revit.

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 Looking for the Excitech Toolkit for Revit?

It's Free of charge to Excitech's Autodesk Subscription customers.

Watch our video tutorial below to see how you can use the Excitech Toolkit for Revit to schedule coordinates.

Excitech Apps


Coordinate Scheduling Tool

The Excitech Coordinate Scheduling Tool is a powerful application for Revit that enables users to automatically acquire precise X, Y and Z coordinates from Revit objects. The coordinates are added to the objects element properties, allowing schedules to be generated and tags to be placed.


Renumber Elements Tool

The Excitech Renumber Elements Tool enables the rapid numbering of multiple elements (rooms, windows, doors etc.) of the same category in a view. The elements can be selected individually or automatically based on their position and further filtered by the properties. The utility then applies prefix, suffix and other user-defined rules to renumber the elements. 

Excitech Content


Extended Revit Pile & Pile Cap Families

Optimised for use with our Revit Toolkit, this extensive library of pile and pile cap families will operate seamlessly within your structural projects and offers many parameters to facilitate the creation of pile schedules and associated documentation

*Eligible Excitech Customers are those who have an active Autodesk maintenance plan or subscription, either purchased as new or renewed with Excitech for the current contract term.


Please complete the enquiry form on this page for details on how to access the Revit Toolkit. 

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Feedback and Suggestions

Should you encounter issues regarding installation, program behaviour or licensing, please review the available documentation:   If you have downloaded the Revit Toolkit, we would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to comment on the current functionality or offer suggestions on functionality you would like added.

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Excitech Toolkit for Revit Comparison and tutorials for Piling Schedules

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