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Pinnacle Series

Learning management systems revolutionise the way you manage and support your staff’s skills development. Pinnacle Series is the most advanced e-Learning system specifically designed for the AEC industry. This solution offers a wide range of Autodesk, CPD-certified training courses, including personalised learning paths, and live chat support.

Pinnacle Series

Pinnacle Series, distributed in the UK by Excitech, goes much further than conventional e-Learning systems. Pinnacle Series is a revolutionary way of delivering multiple training and support resources in a single, concise interface and is designed to be both a learning tool as well as a solution to improve productivity and quality. With its wealth of resources and access to Excitech's support services, Pinnacle Series provides an ideal platform for Engineers and Architects to get answers to their questions fast. Access the latest Autodesk content integrated with Autodesk products.

Pinnacle Series helps people to use Autodesk software the way it was intended and get work done in an effective and consistent manner.

Pinnacle Series was designed with three key aims in mind:

  • To provide Just-in-time Training on Autodesk software as well as your own unique workflows - when and where you need it
  • To keep occasional users productive with your own custom procedures and tips & tricks
  • To minimise downtime when people get stuck, connecting them to learning resources and subject matter experts

‘’Historically, the CPD Certification Service has never certified a software platform. However, the creative elements of Pinnacle Services has convinced us to grant it this accreditationThe greatest innovation of this tool is that, besides enabling learners to access standard training material, it also allows them to customise the system according to their organisations’ specific needs. We were very impressed by this innovative feature and are pleased to endorse Pinnacle Series accordingly.’’ Martin Rowe, Head of Operations, The CPD Certification Service.




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