Excitech FM

Excitech FM is a powerful Space and Moves Management software, which provides 2D and 3D graphical visualisation of key estate performance data.

Excitech FM

The CAFM software effectively manages real estate portfolios, which requires the facilities management to hold accurate and up to date information to make informed decisions.

The space management software assists with the planning of small occupancy updates to major strategic moves, streamlining processes and minimising organisational disruption. Accurate space chargeback ensures departments/divisions are incentivised to maximise their allocated space rather than requesting more.

Excitech FM's web interface grants users relevant information depending on their access rights, with the ability to view and update changes in real time. Comprehensive facilities data visualisation layers, dashboards and reporting tools ensure users can easily view data to help them monitor and understand how their facility is performing, using operational data to make strategic decisions.

The Moves Management tool allows users to streamline the planning of major moves, as well as making minor changes to keep staff locations up to date, ensuring minimal organisational disruption. A host of features such as space chargeback and document storage help users to manage all space information requirements.

The CAFM software technology integrates with both AutoCAD drawings and Revit models, allowing you to take advantage of the rich set of information they contain.

Excitech FM's unique BIM capabilities allow it to link directly to Revit models to validate, extract and manage data. Excitech FM has seamlessly integrated with several CAFM and IWMS solutions, ensuring spatial information is consistent throughout all of an organisation’s systems.



Excitech FM - Space Management for Estate Facilities Managers

Excitech FM - Space Management for the NHS

Excitech FM - Strategic Space Planning

Excitech FM - Moves Management

Excitech FM- Building Utilisation Management

Excitech FM - Actual utilisation and agile working

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