BIM 360 Plan

BIM 360 Plan is a cloud and mobile solution that provides a visual, collaborative way to manage short-interval project schedules. With support for the Last Planner System, BIM 360 Plan helps you take advantage of your team's expertise so you can deliver faster with fewer costly surprises. BIM 360 Plan

Autodesk BIM 360 Plan is one component of a broad range of products Excitech can offer at each stage of the construction process.


BIM 360 Plan helps you build more reliable project work plans and reduce waste associated with overproduction, excess inventory and task rework.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that involves creating and using an intelligent 3D model to inform and communicate project decisions.

lg-work-sequence1.png    Create work sequences
Create activities and track roadblocks that can disrupt reliable production. Reinforce Last Planner behaviour with BIM 360 Plan’s built-in accountability workflow.
lg-collab-web1.png   Review and collaborate via web and mobile
Download a snapshot of your work plan and work offline until you’re back in the trailer. Project stakeholders can edit and manage their scope of work details independently of other users.
lg-project-view1.png   Customize project views
View your work plan in List, Gantt, or Swimlane view. Use filters to focus on specific locations, trades, and scopes of work.
lg-track.png   Track and analyse performance
Automatically track your project’s Planned Percent Complete (PPC) value with reports that help chart performance.

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BIM 360 Plan Overview

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