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APEXX 2 Model 2403

The quiet and compact APEXX 2 offers the most popular configurations for CAD design, 3D modeling and animation workflows.

APEXX 2 Model 2403

This compact and quiet workstation features support for optional overclocked processors and two full length professional GPUs.

The APEXX 2 2403 has an i7-7700k Kabylake processor overclocked to 4.8Ghz. The APEXX 2 2403 is a quad-core machine, great for 3D modelling. The APEXX 2 2403 is the premier system for single-threaded applications like AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and more, blowing away the competition with a safely overclocked, liquid-cooled Intel® Core™ i7.


The quiet and compact APEXX 2 features BOXX's most popular configurations, with support for optional overclocked processors, 10-core processors (for increased rendering power), and two full-length professional GPUs.

Ideal for:
  • Professionals looking to maximize their budget
  • Single-threaded applications
  • 3D animation, modelling, and CAD design
  • 2D image processing

Paired with Windows

All APEXX models can be equipped with Windows 10 Professional operating systems, allowing you to enjoy the connected and expansive experience you would expect from Windows. Windows is familiar and easy to use, and easily compatible with all programs. It starts up and resumes fast and has more built-in security to help keep you safe. Excitech recommends Windows.

REVIEW | Peak Performer

"It is always exciting to receive a new workstation from BOXX Technologies. The Austin, Texas-based company has been building computers since 1996 and its systems have consistently delivered peak performance...the APEXX 2 surpassed the performance of every other single-socket workstation we have ever tested..." - Desktop Engineering

REVIEW | Powerfully configured workstation features service, support, and attention to detail that justify the price tag

"The APEXX 2 from workstation specialist BOXX Technologies is a purpose-built system designed specifically for tearing through CAD and rendering up a storm...The high-frequency, overclocked i7 CPU actually outperforms the more sophisticated and expensive Xeon in the Cadalyst Systems Benchmark 2015 (C2015), which measures single-threaded performance." - CADalyst

Turbo Boost vs. Sustained Overclocked Frequency

Certain APEXX 2 configurations offer a boosted performance up to 4.4GHz. This is the standard Intel "Turbo Boost" for the Core™ i7-4790K Processor. It is important to know that it will not sustain that frequency if there are any other activities that require the CPU’s time. For applications where CPU frequency is critical, like CAD design, consider an overclocked APEXX 2 configuration featuring sustained performance across all cores, regardless of workload.

Enterprise Class Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling, a standard feature on all BOXX PC workstations, is rated at 50,000 MTBF and derived from the same technology designed for mission-critical data centers. By providing optimal management of the processors’ heat output, BOXX liquid cooling keeps your workstation cool and quiet, ensuring long-term stability and performance.


Expandable Performance Made Easy

APEXX 2 feature the latest 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 and Intel® Xeon® processors and support for full-sized professional GPUs. On the left, you'll see a power efficient, single slot GPU, while on the right, a full-size, double-slot GPU fed cool air from the front 120mm intake fans and supported by a chassis retaining bracket. APEXX 2 can accommodate two mechanical drives, up to four SSDs, or two SSDs and one mechanical drive, housed under generous exhaust vents to ensure reliability. Expandability in the compact workstation form factor is key to providing performance and convenience in the APEXX 2.


Quiet Is Cool, Cool Is Reliable

APEXX 2 workstations include dual Sanyo Denki ball bearing fans which draw cool air in through a front grill and removable filter. This airflow system limits dust and other particles while cooling the GPU and heat exchanger for the CPU. Selected for their performance and low acoustic profile, Sanyo Denki fans are recognized as the most reliable system fans in the world.


APEXX 2 Overview

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