Webinar Recording Published: 13/12/2019

Recording and Sharing ISO 19650 Data

In this webinar recording (part 3) we'll be looking at how to share information with other parties that you may be working on a project with in accordance with the standard.

View the recording to learn how software can help you automate the process of:
  • Creating transmittals with all the correct file names, revision numbers, suitability codes (in accordance with the ISO 19650 standard)
  • Uploading your project documentation to extranet sites (including Asite Addodle, Autodesk BIM 360 Document Management and many more). 
(Click on the video icon below where will you be prompted to enter a few details and watch the video)

To watch the first webinar in the series "Explaining ISO 19650 Naming, Workflows and Revisions", click here. To watch the second webinar in the series "Automating ISO 19650 Processes", click here.


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